Guided Sleep Talkdown: Deep Sleep for Busy Minds and Anxiety Guided Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

All Sleep Series mp3s are available to buy and download from the Unlock Your Life website at techniques of guided meditation, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, this guided sleep talkdown will help send you off to sleep and gives you techniques to retrain your brain for deep, natural sleep.More full length sleep recordings in this series:Deep Sleep 2 with imagery of sending off thoughts as sailboatsSleep 3 for Anxiety and Stress ReliefSleep 4, Journey to a Beach on a Starry Nightfree music "Adrift" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke licensed by support my work to provide low cost and no cost support to all and receive exclusive rewards and all 100+ videos ad-free,please donate at Patreon: Download this MP3 at www.unlockyourlifetoday.comDonate one time by Paypal at Yourself Slim Program: to Unlock Your Life's Youtube Channel:on Facebook: Yourself Slim playlist: Sleep playlist: Daily Affirmations: Boundaries and Assertiveness: Hypnosis: playlist: on Challenging Emotions: must be of adult age in your state, or country or gain caregiver or parental approval to listen. These recordings are intended for relaxation, self-improvement and entertainment purposes only. Hypnosis is not a replacement for any counseling or psychotherapy.These recordings do not diagnose, cure or prevent any mental or physical health condition or illness or prevent any illness or condition of the body or mind, they cannot tell you what will happen to you in the future.If you think or know you have a health issue, talk to your doctor before listening to any part of this recording.Never delay, change or stop any treatment, medication or regime without consulting with your doctor or health care professional first. If you ever feel unwell at any time while listening to these recordings, you must seek immediate medical attention.You should continue taking regular medical check-ups.If you know you have any kind of mental health issues, you should NOT buy or listen to any of our hypnosis recordings. If you wish the benefits of hypnotherapy, ask your counselor or therapist.By listening to this recording you confirm that you have checked any suspected or confirmed mental or physical health condition with a doctor and you accept full responsibility for all outcomes.You understand that hypnosis is merely a process of suggestion and you can always accept or reject the suggestions you receive.You are always in control.All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.Therefore we cannot guarantee, (a) that you will get any results at all or; (b), that any results you do get will be permanent.Please only ever listen to any of these recordings when you are in a quiet space, ideally at home or in a quiet room.Never listen to any of these recordings while driving or operating machinery or when required to remain alert to your environment as you may become very relaxed and may even fall asleep.All recordings are best listened to on headphones.All scripts are unique and protected by copyright law by © Sarah Dresser 2015 / 2016 and may not be transcribed or re-recorded in part or whole.All recordings are also copyright protected and are not permitted for public broadcasting, or any form of paid or unpaid distribution other than for private, individual use.These recordings may be removed or deleted at any time with no notice.


congrats 25m

Leafpool & Crowfeather

“ My school life is even ruined”

Henry Chung

So I know Keanu's character's name is Johnny Silverhand but how come nobody is mentioning Johnny Mnemonic? I mean, there was a literal shot of the laser whip in the game that is clearly straight out of the movie. Not to mention that it was a cyberpunk noir themed film as well.




Kitty Skye


in all sincerity, kjsdnojsdnjksdnkjsdndksknkjn good vid

Murugaiyan Hema

archery basket ball shot

Smol PotatoYT

Never seen Ty act like this 😂

Send luv 💝

ItzzYaBoiJamez Gacha

Dis is like LWIAY but dude perfect

Finley Clark

the record for the portal song is also, in the middle, blue and orange! the same colours of the portals in both games!

Faris Akmal

Ubisoft be like :Here...... We present you new RAINBOW SIXty dollars

Avela nonto


Electric Shock

Does anyone know where I can find the song playing during the zelda scene? I know it fairy fountain just which version.

Tactics _

ger bet you miss that hair right

ツンデレ • Pretzel studios •

this story made me cry T^T


Henry Galvan

Why those his verse sound like the weeknd wrote it for him? I like the song tho


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