Guided Sleep Meditation, Muscle Awareness Relaxation with Affirmations for deep relaxation

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Christian Parrish

Did you see Boris from bendy and the ink machine?


video starts at 1:19

Isabella Watson

You’re animation has become so much more advanced!! I love watching your videos evolve in quality over time!! Love your vids James💕

man hei wu

Hanzo main?

Jose Patino

you should do something with marbles or you just do balls and frisbees


I dont need my fam once im 18 im gone im gonna have my own life

I also had the luck of finding a loving boyfriend. One that could understand that my crisis, my hate, my insults, were not me. I am now doing much better and happy to say : you can get over it. Just work on yourself and surround yourself by people. 7 years ago I was in emergency for suicidal attempt, now I bought a house, I am a teacher and I soon will have a baby. ITS POSSIBLE TO BE HAPPY WITH BPD <3


Yesterday when me and my mom were at the mall I came out to her as bi and she didn’t have a reaction at all and said “how can u be sure?” She clearly didn’t take me seriously and that really upset me... it’s as if she wouldn’t want to accept the fact that I’m bi

Eric Acosta

Oh wait stabbing pain that has something else.

"oh shit"

kinda like reddit?

Krishna Andrada

I have all the symptoms but I don't want to see a psychiatrist

Eeshan Prabhu

Aaahhh that's hawt, that's hawt


Kto polska

Macadamia Fizz

its great to laugh back on those type of things like that bc its good to know u learnt a lesson :D

Lizabeth Hunter



He doesn't know what a 45 degree angle is. Dislike

Arik Wing

5:15 can do trickshot but can't win a game

Brandon Glade

Do ya'll have any girl merchant. Awesome vid!!!!!!


if you are an introvert you probably will not have those type of friends and before you are even a year into those friends you will immediately “unfriend” them....

Paul Hoang

Summer is hot


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