Guided Sleep Meditation for Kids and Parents | Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Visitto buy or download entire CDSee part 2 of Sleep Well for Kids atFeaturing beautiful and relaxing guided imagery voiced by Janet Montgomery, with relaxing background melodies from Jeff Gold.Will relax your child to sleep......This is the opening "Progressive Relaxation" section of "Sleep Well For Kids.The entire 30 minute Guided Meditation program is available for download or purchase at Guided Sleep Meditation for Kids and Parent, Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Aidan Lee

XD watching in 2017

Steven Ramírez

First easter egg is a name of song The offspring!

Lalita Savitri

Guys go for a sky diving battle.... Hurrah!!!

Saussisse _56150

J'adore vos vidéos c'est méga cool vous êtes là meilleure chaîne YouTube du MONDE !!!😃😎👏👏👏👏👏

Hanumanthappa Jampali

Can you make a video on Beyblade

Julia Jesche-Andresen

love this

Nyiree Mensah

And I oop another frozen

Matt F


Caleb Yazzie

we love you too :)♥♥♥♥

Cm Gorgonia

Next video is about cooking kittens with a hint of a book


that bf4 bow at 11:50 reminds me of the huntsman from TF2

Carl Jose Garcia Cayabyab

Skadoo Skadae.. The guy above me is gay..

CatGirl The Little Retard

I live in croatia (country right next to serbia and has connections etc but similar cuture) being gay here is also treated badly, but im bi...

Requirements: Mic, and somewhat knowing what to do.

John Thompson

Have you experimented with Sodium Citrate?

kiurem neitor

man I adore your videos you too talented


Can you do a face reveal plz ??!!

Rohan Gandhi

I see my parents come home from work each day with a frown on their face and today you changed that. That's right my mom was a tutor and now shes a researcher and my dad was an engineer now he's working for NASA . Thus is all because they saw your video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You just changed my famillies life.

Nahid A

" if I was the tiger, I would eat him alive" - Austin-2019

Samantha Douglas

Tyler get ricked



Mark1260 Morales


Peggs GT

When dude Perfect is Done with something they are not Done... like 1:40 Hes Done with the book but.. he has to put it back 👍

Dramaholic 21

1:20 Is tHat 5 miNtUe CrAftS?! 😂



Jyoti Gurung

Tyler sign beware of rattle snakes?!


Helicopter fuel can't melt steel beams!

Colton Drane

i think its tyreke comment if u mo

Chloe F


Marie Stark

I’m new to this you tube stuff lol. Why do I not get recent posts? Is it that there aren’t any? What am I doin wrong....Mike help!!!

Left4dead 2k

you forgot one thing the master sword you can get it in the sea and the blueprint will say twilite

The Boss


JyNxDAboss Pro1


The Two Noobs


Mystical blood Matrix reboot

subliminal message the earth is flat, like pizza :) and everyone is laughing :D ey? rocket is subliminal for NASA so NASA is actually telling u the truth that the earth is flat and they fooled us..

akash pandey

U r much more looser and stupid compre to ur age dont knw why some teenagers think its ok to be stupid if you are teen

Тимур Шаркаев

спасибо Gearbox! я кончил <3

CringeMeme Central

New song in playlist?Check!

Mr. Drummer xX

11:39 cracks me up😂


Ike a boaws

Gemto Rori

Anyone in 2019 ??

Mariana Maduena

YASS shipp 👏🏻👏🏻 😍



Erick Torres

how many tries until you get the perfect shot

Vanessa Fossen

Hey Ethan I hope you read this but I would TOTALLY fuck the hell out of you😂😘 but I am a true ethma-er 😂

I only had one AirPod in

Scott Bloomberg

You couldn't help but be angry at them? For what? Like, giving you a life?

Drew Inactive on MKW

Amazing!! o.o


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