Guided Morning Meditation with Positive Affirmation (River and Bird Sounds)

This guided morning meditation and positive affirmation will help you start your day with a positive mindset and a positive attitude. So begin each day with this guided morning meditation positive affirmation to allow you to attract more positive events and people by sending out and stating to the universe that you expect great things to happen today. Positive affirmations are used to reprogram the mind, and by repeating certain affirmations, you are telling your subconscious mind that this is your new truth. We need to discipline our minds, so that we are automatically more focused on the good and expect the best from our day. So start your day with the right attitude with this morning meditation and notice how you become more open to positive events throughout your day.Subscribe for more great videos!Visit my website ► eBooks ► me on Twitter ► for watchingjbittersweet


Pool Trick Shots 2

Cherry Blossom

A Malaysian girl came to our school and everyone wanted to be friends with her while bullying her was the furthest thing from everyone's mind!!


i started watching guru 2014 he's editing is getting better and better and guru keep up the good work men i love your videos when i want to see easter eggs in my game i watch your videos to how to get easter egg on my game

tony P.A

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Valentine the Zombie Pony

HAHA, I only like school because I get to see my friends who support me there, not because of learning shit that i won't even use in the future.

animili Martinez

I didn't know it was like that :(

Kory Hinman

Who's in the Panda suit??


Ms. Koch's class new it was checkers! Come on dudez.

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Omry Goldwasser

8:07 i thought my phone was ringing

Elijah Whitaker

Lmao!! Had me crying 😂😂😂


This shit is fake

I rate this video 5/7, I called IGN and they said it was "too much water" which I can definitely agree with...

Vince Matthew Burce

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Henri Lutz

Beautiful video as always. Great music, great editing, everything is just as perfect as it can be. Thank you.

ErcoleJaeden Mok



1:20 top left in the remaining ball. I'm done.

Jawad H1

Tyler will win Ty is the best

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you guys should do Adrian belter

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Woah still on trending!

Flaws and all, I love 'em all, to me, you're perfect COOL

Adel madrid

Fow are moving movements by plane. There is a 9-calculator and the accuracy of the target .. Excellent video

Me Today

I have ocd its an okay kind I sleep walk to much so I tie myself to my bed

Miranda Rebolledo

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honestly she was the best :) a true queen<3

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Trick Shot Kids

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Noah Vlogs

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