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Guided Morning and Evening Meditation for Anxiety and Stress (Day 7)

Welcome to the last day of the 7 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge. Today we will do a guided morning and evening meditation you will need to practice on a daily basis to make meditation a natural part of your life and be able to reduce your anxiety, social anxiety stress and depression in a natural and alternative way. Meditation should of course only be a supplement for any other treatment you may be undergoing for anxiety or depression, but morning meditation and evening meditation can help you calm your body and still your mind. Morning meditation is great for starting the day with a positive attitude and a clear mind. Evening meditation is great for emptying the mind before going to sleep so that you will get a chance to release all those thoughts you have, so that they won't interfere with your sleep.So this last video of this anti. anxiety challenge will give you to easy and simple guided morning and evening meditation exercises to practice on a daily basis.Subscribe for more great videos!Visit my website ► me on Twitter ► for watchingjbittersweet

Retro Jonesy

Good vid, i have just finished the uncharted trilogy and it was really impressed with them all. They all are epic and look amazing. I really didn't want 3 to end it was one of the best games i've played in a while.

Hailey Day

Omg I live in Orlando Florida too


Owen Wilson saw this video and said

filip rogoz

theres one with stop hammer time however it's really hard to spot. Theres a stop sign next to it is a hammer and then a clock which shows time.

10/10 GOTY


Hey FunWithGuru could you make a Easter egg video on Sniper Elite V2 or Metro 2033?

Violet ,The Violet Kitty

I think u should adopt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

larericl l

Is that some kind of new taunt or is it an old one

EDIT: not saying dead rising is bad its a good game imo i hope they make a 5th game but not rush it and make a good campaign story please pretty please with sugar cherry on top please baby

Josh Evertsen


Michael Wilson

I’m tired of 25 seconds interval. I LOVE ethan but I LOVE grayson. We’re drunk and YOURE funny af!!!!

Ah sh*t, here we go again...

Chomper boy709

Next time on this the breathing man

Alwin Gamen

🙌 to COWBOY!

Saba Jawaid

Teacher: what have you always wanted

pro gaming tamil

make a new dp game as dp3

10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

B U I L D A W A L L !

kevin ml

10 million views in a week 🔥

Also cody: play fortnite mobile

Grace Walker

Rick and Morty!

I’m legly blind

Do it in Russia

hansen zhang

Hey you

It sucks ;-;

i'm 11 now and he lives 3 hours away from my moms house i get to visit him once a month :/

Brittany Cameron

The best dunk was the W.L.A.O


God Bless You

Abby Aguilar

January 2019 baby holy

Flamingo 20

That last part 😂😂😂

JuJu_Drew 17

If I could survive with someone in a zombie apocalypse I would choose Carson Wentz

Richelle Cortez

Where do you buy one it's an amazing flying👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏


love you tyler and the team

David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 2003

No Smoking!!!

skeaky boi

Mami dolphins jarvis landry

I don't think American voice actors have voice acting training in specialized schools...

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