Guided Meditation to Develop Self Respect & Self Worth

As we develop and nurture self respect, our relationships improve!In this video, Karuna leads a guided meditation to help nourish self respect and self worth.Is this video and Karuna's channel helpful? You are invited to share a financial contribution via Paypal here:you!!!Karuna books remote private coaching and therapy sessions. She guarantees her work. Book at:info@hubfortheheart.comDownload Karuna's full meditation programme, The Ten Qualities of a Powerful Mind:and web site: www.hubfortheheart.comVideography for this channel by Evan Bordessa:

Jasmine Orosco

Why did you just power off your phone 😂🤷‍♀️


He felt like an alien being brown but he said he had a friend that was brown with brown parents

Ty Gour

back when DP used to actually make trick shots instead of just getting hyped for banked 3s

Dat Nguyen

Hwhite vinegar


whats the name of this song

Grant Kerner

Team tall man

Mina Mass

Wattpad in a nutshell.

Kotapati Bindu


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He flipped a couch.🔥🔥

Gregorio Hernandez

Wow cant belive rhey killed minion


2:36 My dad introducing his weapon

Cohen Goodworth

Welcome to the thing I don’t know what to call sooooo sssushsjsijdhbeeheudhbdhsusushdbdjsisudhdbhs


Well yeah he shouldn’t care

Israa Connelly


* Rick

what is your favorite game developers

Jung Cookie

My mom was pregnant at 41 and she had treatments and stuff and was told many times the baby would not live (btw did u get a pump my brother has one it really helps him)


Fly fly milk😂 yes Cory

IRush_Noobz- YT

Yo sub to me

OOFer Kingdom

Who else cried lol

Yosrick Alvarez Avalos

Been saying it, curry isn’t a closer doesn’t have that gene in him. He can barely go iso on a player, without calling a pick to either take a 3 or just drive. That’s why he and draymond went shopping for Durant he understands that’s not his game.


WTF??? DJ Khaled??? What is he doing here?

James Starkey

hahahaha panda

Emmanuel González

Re caretas jaja

Jonathan Daczkowski

what is your favorite movie franchise

Dylan Picus

Wow where did you buy the white body paint


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