Guided Meditation Sleep Talk Down: Sleeping Hammock, Hypnosis for Sleep Relaxation

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its what she deserves 😈

Elite Premium

James,  you nailed it, you were wonderful.  You got a standing ovation and i thought i saw you cry!!!


Finally some exquisite content

Tëch ßrõthërs

The dunk behind the treeName of the shot

Green Chinook

That lonely dog 5:45

Lenny TheStandUser

fact:all the songs from nazi zombies tells sammathas story

Killer Boy

4:18 on my way to Gekyumes circumcision.Monnlight intensifies.

Turkey Man

Looks so yummy. And those patatos are heavenly.

Spoder Men

The pointing child in Back To The Future got me dead.

Paweł Żylski

The last question : Which World record can you beat?Me: NO


For who has a mother who’s first child Jada died the same way. When i was born she rearranged her name to a boy version and was so happy when i was born. Im just glad that my mom has children she can love over her grief of my miscarriaged sister Jada

Kyle Louis

I am so mad that zucc got traded to Dallas he was my favorite player


b i s h connie looks like a twelve year old

Francisco Navarro

epic fail ty

Jeanette Jules


Jaiden: So i peed on my wallet-

Takshan Panchasara

Could you please make a video on kangen water or alkaline water


Girl: I hate LGBTQ+

Green Guy Games

Click me!! :D

Steam Gasting

"where would you like to go?" up your butthole


Every video: about mental health and toxic relationship

Zoe Cameron



I really love your editing style. It's very well done... also, I agree. fuck Olly.


Oh wow, so cool seeing that Philosopher's Stone clip in this. It's the first time I can remember experiencing ASMR.

Skiingisdank 42

Water skipping coloursplosion

Elisa van den Berg

I don't know why this made me cry. Maybe because I just have this gut feeling that I'm never going to have my own children when I decide that I want them again (again as in always wanted children but now that I spend a lot of time with them I kind of don't ).

Savannah McLain

Go garrett

courtcakes 98

What in the frick on a stick is the piece of boohockey.

Clash with Cam

2020 anyone jk 2019 March 10

Eratz Zombie

shit I commented to soon. he explained the gun after I commented


2012 :D


oh my god, the cake edit. amazing

Carin Chow


But it would have been better if you used "Answer me these questions three and you may reclaim your spot taken by the."


@rwnyops true that dude BUT! this game is tight been playing all day >>

• The Dimple on Hye Sung’s Right Cheek •

As an aspie, I can only hope to be this happy.. 😞

Clint Phillips

?who watching in 2018?


It was awesome

Kieran Yare

awesome video

Emma Jaanson

i should send it to dad


you should put solid concrete in a vacuum chamber

Red Rose

I about lost it seeing this opening - I think this round the game is going to be in more depth with the story since of ganon since we seen Link side of the story - I’m so excited for it to come out 😱



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