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Guided Meditation Sleep Talk Down: Sleeping Hammock, Hypnosis for Sleep Relaxation

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Happy Catuts

Send them a dirty picture of a plate >:3

Fidget Nanas


Lazer Viper

No good stereotype without a ragemonster

are you happy

Victoria Justice Sings

Finally A Video Where Lele Isn’t Cringy

Diego Grazioso

2:00 copyright


I sort of felt underwhelmed by the legendary pokemon.

Nathaniel Cross 125

Make a Dirt bike stereotypes


Nearly 12 million subs


She ate more than all 3 Jonas brothers combined lol

The lost ones

jajan 88

Who look at this in 2018

Lelin Pandian Daniel

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Emily Kovar

You are going to break your toe

Dude Perfect

Hey! Our Game is available for the Kindle Fire as well as the iPhone & Android! Search Dude Perfect!

JD Hart

Team coby

Boalwa Boalwa

42 millions subscribers wow

Top notch stuff GSW

George Missailidis

5:32 the hat dropped

Jared Morrow


And we been through the rain

Mohammed Bilal

Where’s Garrett


Michael Jordon


We call corn hole toss in Minnesota bean bagsor bags

vahid mgm

Hello and ty for your brilliant videos, can you please make a video about differences between meats(cow, sheep,camel,goat,...) do they have different effects on our body!?

Shandon Moore

Would not want to play horse with these guys.

Bella Gregorek

I lowkey wanna see what she looks like


The music at the start sounds like a horror movie😂

yeah i got funnies

I know, I just wanted to be a smartass.

I hate Gundam

I love action movies in 3D but i hate horror movies in 3D


1009...72k watched mate...learn the placings first ^^

Zainab Bilal

Your j k rolling


the goat just shat peas



Derrick Cardona


Kaelin A

theres also like two types of bipolar i think this is bipolar type 1 (the more extreme one) im bipolar type 2 also called manic depression, in my experience anti-depressants made me and my other bipolar friends manic all the time, drinking and smoking weed also negatively interacts with medication and makes it worse (physically and mentally)


Character sheets and voice recordings need to be completely re-done ☠️

Clx 0306

This is going to be shit

Sandy Chen

Anyone 2019?

Thomas Rynsburger

Your imagination fund apartment customer thereby point cool golden producer analyst mission.

Shredder Gaming152

Can sticky notes hold your weight? I want to see this please


Does everyone realize he had 3 girlfriends for no reason

Isaac Unkefer

3:25 remind anyone else of the grinch?

Noemi Gyurik-dezsi

first trick shot one bounced off the other

NF: um,no shopping cart,some balloons sounds good

Mulberryhawk 268

That warning alarm seems very calm.

My Large Beard

This sounds like a tyga beat

James Eade

2:08 Guinea pig?

Duke Black

Jony is it good

bhe sidnie

Its funny because it is just want i was thingking,

Liliana Dinelli

Did anyone else notice the Dude perfect symbol looks exactly like jake Paul’s??


I thought this was Dude Perfect not Jackass.

Bethany Misty

I thought they were gonna play the song from hunger games at the beginning lol

Emma Macey

You guys should do a video with Bo Horvat

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