Guided Meditation: Resting in a Sea of Presence, with Tara Brach

This mindful body scan leads us into a practice of relaxing back into awareness, and recognizing the changing waves of sensations, sounds and feelings in the foreground. As we let go into the sea of presence, we discover an increasing sense of wholeness and peace. The meditation ends with a brief lovingkindness prayer.To download the audio, visit: Tara's website: to Tara's podcast: Join Tara's email community to receive exclusive updates, events, meditations, and get a free download of Tara’s new 10 min meditation: “Mindful Breathing: Finding Calm and Ease":support will enable us to continue to offer these talks freely. If you value them, I hope you will consider offering a donation at this time. Visit: With thanks and love, Tara

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