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So... Like i think its funny how the smoke is obviously fake... But no hate I cant edit...

Shadow CT

Is that Sporting Goods place in Springs

If I ever have dreams they are all nightmares


I am the one play

Lori Brown

why would your name be Te

mim Miamia

nicce nice nice

Further you didn't play many games, because the only game you care about is CoD. Shame on you. Life has to offer so many things that are much better than the CoD series. This one really has NO QUALITY. :D

o k i

True fans watcing in 2017


6:50-7:15 Ty celebrate moment

Mr. Sunburnt ⬇️

cup o'tea

voldermort is the new asmrtist


the way the music just stop spook me...

Egiptianmau aj

This title confuses me


OMG Look at that Golden! Sweet boy!

brandon smith

Watch KD pop off🤦🏼‍♂️

BigDaddy Klein

You missed the liquor, the cocaine, and the party shot all together

Gabriel Byatt

the boy from the IT easter egg reading the guru's book of secret , nice ! :P


Did not understand last one I just saw bolts move what was the easter egg?

Ellie Kissinger

I love sotbal

Leanna Denney

Must hurt ty

Pudger Doyle24


Brandon Lee

Can we just skip the rage monster? It’s helping nobody


2019 anyone?


1:52 this is most perfect moment what i ever seen)))))


Well at least i didnt watch the theory that deadpool is coming in mcu for nothing

Ousmane Sangare

why is this channel called minute video s but there like 10 minutes

Rube Pena

Omg finally I've been waiting on this since I was like 10

somyanshu all in one

Dude perfect 😀😀

Lenna Gurl

“The people who were truly suffering” R u serious?? Ur the one suffering the worst. Nobody got seriously injured besides you

Orochi Kusanagi

U should add the dancing skeleton Easter egg from Assassins Creed Black Flag

vsoo ?

aww relatable ;~;

Acosador Empedernido

What about the Anti-gadoid gun? I couldn't find a functionality to that piece of crap! Me:ok now why dis add? YT is drunk 🥴

0 JayOnTheCourt 0



Use me as a sub is better than dub button

Eriongamer 10

He looks like a rage monster

Boolacha 26

"im not a homophobe i just don't support gay people" ma'am excuse me you dropped you Dumb Bitch Juice over here

Agey Yen

this story has a wandefull leson

A Chan

Русские на месте?

Tran Cong Duc Anh

Hu Ha Hu Ha Hu Ha Hu

Samiyul Islam

I'm definitely going to buy this game. It looks so good. 😀😃

sherrill gary

Bore hi and low


Within 1h

Samuel Dalton

love it how at the first easter egg he is headbanning

I looked it up on safari

Ariadne Reacts

1like= ♾ hours of stabs to the PE teacher



CPplays08 Productions


I'm random

Aw..i actually understand mother was always on drugs resulting me taking care of my brother father always in jail my parent's were never married whenever my mother would have a bf they were drunks and stupid or hated me there was one guy who treated her so well he bought her flowers one day but sent him away cause she was sick to the head..i struggled in school never got anything about it i got held back in 5th for it it the beginning of 6th i went to a private school where the promised to help me..i had all d's and f's. about 4 month's later my mother asked if i wanted to move to texas so i can get to know her cause i haven't seen my mother ever since i was 8 or 9 so i thought maybe she changed..when i got there everything seemed perfect..2 month's later fighting started she made me do most of the house work when i had to much going on and hurt badly and i offten collapsed in the school hallway crying so i saw my counsler my mother offten tried to call cps on me cause i hurt so badly and couldn't get up and usually screamed on the phone about me to my counsler my counselor admitted she not fit to take care of me my mother started syaing i hate you and your the worst daughter and usually tried to slap or hit me my friend's always were there tho to help as well as my counselor another 2 months my grandpa finally agreed to moved me back i mived back and now i go to a school called pace center for girls it's for girls who have been pregnant abused my grades went from d's and f's to a's and n's exedra i live with my father as well he has a nice paying job so we're good on resources i also called my mother about a month later and she admitted what she did was wrong so she might be moving to florida with us my brother is a jerk though but i intend to have a better relationship in the future


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