Guided Meditation for Morning Inspiration & Positive Energy (Special Collaboration w/ Elaine Martin)

Welcome to this special spoken word collaboration with hypnotherapist and meditation guide, Elaine Martin. This spoken word visualization and guided meditation is designed to help you start your mornings powerfully, with the focused intentions of personal inspiration and positive energy.This meditation experience may be repeated as often as you choose to reinforce your positive intentions, calmness, stress relief, confidence and successful motivation.Peace & EnjoyDownload this digital MP3 track: ► Elaine Martin's channel & track version here: ► & Anxiety Recovery Pack 5 x MP3 Digital Audio Collection here:► on iTunes: ► Baby tracks: for more meditation & hypnosis: ► Playlists: Guided Meditations: ► Day Self Hypnosis Personal Transformation Challenge: ► Hypnosis: ► for Anxiety: ► vocals, footage and photography by Michael Sealey - with Elaine Martin © 2016

Joshua Mitchener

What is the song used during the Vampyr segment?

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Is that Ian malcome

Jokes on you I'm already dead inside

Ivy Fimbres

Is that a real thing

Millza Games

I’m 12 and has passed out many times :( 2 at school 5 at home but I haven’t gone to the doctor and it all started when I was 7

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Ryder Archer


Jack Capuano

3:25-3:33 #mustsucceed


Sometime talking to someone dosen't help

Lost my brother, seen him die and I just seen him graduate (I just seen him graduate)

Ultimate Warrior

@QSxHITMAN dude, how the fuck... lol



Ty Bradshaw

2019 anyone


to whoever disliked this video, please kindly screw off.


Unicorn lover s

I am 9 and i have a phone your parents are shit

Sherdean Mans

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Tauno Kekkonen

I love how Garrett seems like he hates being part of a multi-million dollar franchise.

Rico O' Rourke

You can find Broodmother from DOTA2 in stormsong valley as a rare in a basement

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Patrik Isaksson

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Ren God of Hoes and Heroin

Hysteria... coming from the greek root hyster meaning womb or uterus. Just another way to INVALIDATE women and girls experiencing REAL mental health issues. Or another way to just call a woman crazy. "Welp she is just hysterical so dont ever listen to her." Really sad a girl is narrating this.

Watari Piox

so what if Ty keeps winning that doesn't mean he is always gonna win, man just enjoy the fun why don't ya , you crazy people.

radical gamer 2007

I nearly broke my screen hitting the like buttonCan I get to 100 likes


YOU’RE STILL ALIVE?!?!??!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

Princess Tasha

I like to use “ wise” instead of mature!

olivia ould

ethema shippers:

Neon Starlight

I was born 3 months early I'm the struggles cuz my mom told me. I was born on dec 25th but was suppose to be born on March 25th. So ya I'm a chirstmas baby 😂

Coleman’s Creative YouTube Videos


juni purwoko

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Jeffrey Peralta

Michael Dickson is better

Cody - suicide squad (0:56), prone-to-prone

sinbeast slayer

hey funwithguru at 2:52 where is that cause i really need good armor and stuuf


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