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J the gamer


Gabriel Tejada

Cool office.

xLuiis S

The song at the beggining is Kanye West & Kid Cudi - 4th Dimension

evie x

today video? ly guysss❤️❤️❤️

Hunter FireShield

3:04 replay button


Eso es editado


The last one would get it yessiiiirrrr

s h i l o h

I dont Get Number 3 Can SomeOne Plz Explain


For a second I thought ty threw the turtle not the clay pigeon...

Harita Patel

Football and helicopters a day well spent😂😂😂



Jq The Advenger Gaming

Panda :(

#awesome7 Lol

Omg why did they pull the life support so soon I almost cried in this video I felt bad for the girl

Na No

How can you be sad if you got a B? Can anyone explain me this ?

Ninja Bros TV

I love the rage monster


why do you never talk in your videos mister guru

Conner I

Do a mini golf trick sjots

It is something words can never describe...


Put Stephen A on an lie detector cause I don’t believe him when he say Kevin Durant is the best player he got on to troll shit lying sum of an biatch

Btw were you actually playing on an Xbox one or PC?, cause I see your gameplay is in 60 fps


im not crying, my eyes are just sweaty

But I will never give up on life.

Sohaib Gaming

Khuton sahe video to banao

Massimo Redaelli

Still waiting for ty to be on wheel unfortunate

Samantha McBride


Constantine Demetracopoulos

Great video. How about video with Antonio Brown? That would be awesome.

Briana Nicole

FOR KD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Phil Bright


DDAnimations ii

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, it will live out its entire life thinking that it’s stupid.” -Albert Einstein

Im laying down allday yet i still feel tierd

Joshua Avila



Peter's lying skills are amazing.

Scuffed Boi

You don’t BECOME a gold digger

Stinky Kraken

Dude perfect vs Spongebob, Patrick, Swuidward, mr krabs and sandy

Fanny Camacho




What's the song in the background?


Bearded Midget

How many games do you have!?

nakeiradinka _

this short video

Bojan Djukic

It was only 1.5mill da day ago

The Merf

Bye chandler I will mis you

Jasmine Peake

Fun lAughTer HatEd Rabit RAttles Pooping EveryDay


Your Saint's row 4 playsrmodel is Faith from Mirror's edge?

Anônima a

I’m a Paul dating a Lily. Maan it is hard

Potatoes Army

The title confused me..


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