Guided Meditation | Before Sleep

Welcome!This is a guided meditation particularly suited to do before going to sleep.Also few minutes of meditation before going to bed incredibly improve the quality of sleep and the energy you wake up in the morning with.We will start by scanning our body, a powerful relaxation technique by itself that can ease falling asleep.Then we will establish awareness by anchoring ourselves to the present moment and cultivating the beautiful silence in our mind.Let me know in the comments below how does it go!Good night :)

Preston Lam


(tbh i actually missed the good games)

Emma Granath

Gearet only carryd the metal at the creppy Guy in the corner


Tony's been the 🐐! You can tell by the way he dropped his hand from the refs that he didn't want his hand raised leaving any doubt in anyone's mind.

Val Jargon Gapud

I saw the end of a lightning bolt i saw it was like a white-yellowish pole that is really wierd width i allmost got struck but luckily dint.

Joaquin Montoya

37 seconds. legit


I knew like half of them. Thanks for showing us the rest :-)

Amari Lewis

I understand that you gay and what not but that hair cut doe...........noooooo

uno a caso

You are.....the best youtuber of all time


If you decide to do a 4th video, you should include the bathtub easter egg from Eternal Darkness. (It's a jump scare.)

kevin josue


Wait.... thats Tyranitar

pilmore films


ПLneu Ц

Damn he’s hot

Brenda Sosa

I don't get 8 7

nicole torres

that noise when she walked into stormis room tho

jose silva

So true 😂😂

Cy Leblanc

That was awesome


Jen’s gay humor becomes slightly more aggressive each video she’s in😂

Potato Maniac

"Though his personality could use some serious work." GIRL YOUR PERSONALITY NEEDS SOME SERIOUS WORK

Michael Cai

time for me to hit the weights!

Amal 4758

Anyone watching this in 2019

Halofall d

This fall you have to pay to find the story plot!

Austin Lent

5:16 not true my brother and i find chainsaws very common

McKenna Loring

I thought that he could do it


This is the last thing I want to do! I don't want them to worry! I don't want them to know....

sky killd

You can found all masks of pay day

bo ris

Curry and lebron?

Haidyn Regan

you’ll shoot your eye out is from a movie. how’d you not know that?

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