Guided Evening Meditation - Gratitude, Forgiveness and Letting Go

This guided meditation begins with the breath to gently quiet the body and the mind. We then take a few moments to become grounded and then flow in to gratitude for the day we have just had. Then we flow into opening the heart and letting the things go that we do not want to carry into the next day. We then spend a few moments setting our intentions for the next day, and visualizing ourselves happy in life, ending with a few moments connecting to our higher power. It ends with the option to just drift off into sleep.Visit my store for downloads that will change your life!► My Website► for more Meditations and Hypnotherapy:me:► Facebook: Instagram: Meditations: ► Morning Meditation / Gratitude, Forgiveness & Abundance Evening Meditation LIKE & SHARE this video with those who you think might benefit from positive hypnosis and guided meditation. Thank you.


That Snow Halation mix tho

Wildan Nafi


Just a People

So this is a new game, right?

Stephanie DuCharme

well done guys invite me in your battles

Jonah Caguioa

Posted 1 Hour Ago

Emma Simpson

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James Marshall

I hope Coby wins

Katherine Witmer


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Ralph Mayers

Nice as usual.I can only guess how much free time do u have,mate))

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Thx for the video. A lot was new to me cuz i play horde only


4:59-5:07 That's it? COME ON!


I have a question.

Jeremy Bucher

we know your name from Switzerland🔥❤️


William Deister

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I'm currently watching this at 12:30 am and have alot of school work to do which I am putting off

Brenda Araújo

I'm from Brazil

visions made plain

Me and the purple hoser have the same birthdayMay 13

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I have a younger brother who is autistic. I love him. #autismspeaks

Ya girl Caylee

I have a.d.h.d

Bhaskar Pandey


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the very first video before I started following DP. Miss it! keep on the good job guys!


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Den mærkelige ting

I'm also Autistic and you have given me hope

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What's the name of that song


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