Click here to join Andy Puddicombe as he guides you through a ten-minute meditation, part of his "TAKE TEN" program.For more, read his book GET SOME HEADSPACE.


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Marcel Vliek


Rachel Buckley

Garret had the coolest rocket

The Great Papyrus

Hey dude, im a fan of your videos and i want to ask you something, you will not upload the easter eggs of "South Park: the stick of truth"?, it's just a question...

Yeah sorry dude but you’re the embodiment of the word monster


Have you finally decided on an outtro?

EpicBoy 1

You all swing very nice! Not bad


Hey man, I heard that someone in the family died and I am SO sorry for Y2EZ3gKh0Qr18ZHQUXX6qLPXz0GaJQYgE5aEmi0eggN8XThBgwPPdorqrJ2F

Smashsplatnite hitbox

Good for you Random girl

Samuel Jackson

how many of you are jewish?

Johnny G

can you do watch dogs 2 Easter eggs

BB _15

The kids are awsome

i hate Donald trump joke

Kimmy LX15

This is me in one video.

Now we all would gather in his death anniversary Nintendo: You activated my trap card

Brayden Sward

The ten million shot should be throwing it over the whole plane and scoring it

Tucker the YouTuber

Cory’s getting his eyebrows back we need another wheel unfortunate


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