Gratitude, Forgiveness and Abundance - Guided Morning Meditation

This meditation guides you to connect with the Love, Compassion and Empathy within. We also spend a few moments focusing on the day ahead, seeing yourself a few years from now, and ending with connecting to your higher power. A great way to start your day.Background music courtesy of Chris ZabriskiVisit my store for downloads that will change your life!► My Website ► for more Meditations and Hypnotherapy:me:► Facebook: Instagram: Meditations: ► Morning Meditation / Gratitude, Forgiveness & Abundance Evening Meditation LIKE & SHARE this video with those who you think might benefit from positive hypnosis and guided meditation. Thank you.

Things Fall On The Ground

Builder fall on the ground

Charlie Bolland

First time I've been under 301 views for a guru vid.


i love the people who still think its fake after theyve been doing this for like 4 years and been with all kinds of famous people and on shows

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This kid has a big ego, and he's playing on a PC with a PS1 controller?!

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only human

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And i didn't drink alcohol and I love my parents

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It is hard to see your mom go but she will always be in your heart no matter what ❤️

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no easter eggs on Mad Max ?

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