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Hello my blog

Giving - Buddhist Meditation

With Kadampa Buddhist teacher Debbie Corrigan. Debbie is the resident teacher at Atisha Buddhist Centre in Canada.Find a Kadampa Buddhist meditation centre near you the other videos in the series

Marisa Davila

It worry’s me more because my period doesn’t come much in the year . Maybe once out the year and that it’s if I am lucky. I’m not pregnant and I am young had no sex. I’m worry wants going on


lol @ too many variables!!!!!

Smoke Mid Everyday

i too can be good at a sport a handfull of people play

Logan Martin

do frisbie golf

Evelynn Ober

Just so you know I want Cory to win.Also Coby is horrible at archer.



Arctic Wolf Official

3:52 lmfao


sorry to vent, but i need this. tw: self harm I don't know where I am

A Day In The Life Of Me

You are born with it

He seems like a cool guy.

not disturbed

the number 6 its a map of a mision in call of duty advanced warfere


I can see some really cool fan edits using this clip!

Nawal Adil

Tax is wild in LA

Emerson Kay

We should have stopped Cauoi while we could

Kartavya Gambhir

Salman Khan I am Indian

I didn't know what to write


this kind of thing happened in other countries, people wont scare like americans

Finn’s Wins

Me to



Tyrone Robinson

your my fav and sub 2 pewdiepie

Nabam Takang

Trailer revealed the whole story 🤒

Abram Garcia

Ty I like the fun flip shot

Keith Pekarek


deer eyes


Nicholas H

Sub to pewdiepie

We hope you'll be with the angels 😓

Ian Simpson

"Who want some Wang?"

May someday he delete his pagan songs and get away from Devils labels that's giving him millions of fake views likes and comments and talk about actually the gospel for free and not for money...

Νάντια Lol

She should have an another kid if she wants it that much💜

Alyssa Vilkoski

Mama hes a weal panda

fara milazzo

Who else agrees coby should have won when he was the only one to hit the football through the field goal

Laila_Emilio Vlogs

Can I ask u all a question I'll take that as a yes.Practise makes perfect right, though if no ones perfect then why practise.🤔

Zuki nasa

I cried so bad

Ice King

How about do the TY

Maci Hendricks


Priyanka Shashidhar

Ty should take his beard out and Cody. Jones should keep that short beard

beast at Mincraft

At 1:01 you can see a guy with is phone

Did they even think about how this looks on modern TVs?

poopy boy

5:05 scared the crap out of me... and I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't supposed to

Bendy The dancing demon

Poor minion

Jan Arne Wirths

Pretty cute start!

The Self Adjectated Gender


Essy Cast

Thanks for the easter eggs guru i got the game and i did every easter egg. And also you might remember from other vids to but good job and keep up the good work.


You have Asthma I am afraid to do anything wrong,but then sometimes I accept it

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