Gentle Emotional and Physical Release | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is a soft and safe practice for an emotional and physical release. This spoken meditation will guide you to relieve stored, stagnant emotions and physical tension whilst being supported by a guide of your choice - an angel, spirit guide, a love done who passed, a dear friend etc. Enjoy new found clarity and lightness within the mind and your beautiful body.Big LOVE, Rasa.Download FREE meditation and this guided meditation on and enter the world of relaxation. #meditation #guidedmeditation #meditationsbyrasa》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》💪⚡ TRY ONLINE COUNSELING: make 2018 the year you change your life. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or any other mental illness consider online counseling with a licensed professional at BetterHelp. It’s far cheaper than in-person counselling.💪⚡ TRY ONLINE COUNSELING: By using my BetterHelp referral link you are supporting this channel. I receive commissions on any sales, but I only promote products I believe in.》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》Be the first one to hear all the news:Instagram: - -

My other grandfather died when i was 3


Toronto wont take KD with this injury after Raptors win and KD asks to be traded to Toronto next year.

العاب حصرية ٢٠١٨

Arabic like

Logan Reaper120

Fun fact did you know it was a concert place

Honoka Chong

She good at math only while we are bad at more than maths

Lulu Bunnie

i hope her mom watches this video and realizes what a d*** shes been

ethan hunt

no "death" that is the most fucking stupidest thing i ever hared does a mother wish to their child wither way with to make his/her life to have meaning if we make a cure for death we won't make a robo death to give life meaning. Life would be hell off a lot better if death would go way.

Muna Ahmad

Loved seeing g-eazy and Jame’s there😂

Dance moms Electric

I was born 2 months for early. When they would try and pick me up I would flip around like a limp noodle. That’s why I got the nickname noodle.😉

Dork squad

touches fire OW! It’s hot!

John Foradori

The big man was a man and a man of mine was in my dog and I had to get dog to my house 🏠 was a bittersweet day

Grover the Muppet

Stephen Curry looks so ripped with that tight shirt on


I know this vídeo is going to be good because it was uploaded by Gurú


it would be sick if you guys did the grand canyon shot!!

Ace 3


You smart

Lano Haru

My mom is My real mom

Hugo Garcia

How about taping the bottles to poles and such and aim to hit them with certain objects and make them squirt into cups? Thatd be pretty epic!

spooky boi

8:20 you gon stab him :0

@ Overtime 8


LOL, old man being asked to step out the classroom like a child @ 0:23. What's worst is if he's a racist, he's being instructed by an Asian dude rotflmao.

XxajpmasterxX paz

Didnt ty lose 4 times?

Bailey Denton

Like for beach trick shots!

yoonmin bubble

Same I broke up with my ex boyfriend and I was in fear 😱

Yana Burmich


Michael Sewart

dislike= you have no heartlike= you have common sense

Yetziel Lopez

Interview New England Patriots Titan QB

Dale Kriener

These guys arengoingnto catch up to people

Victoria Yost

Appendicitis and a surgery a few weeks later?????? Doest appendicitis usually require instant emergency surgery??

Bailey Few

Can i get to see you all


I have a good easter egg for you. In the campaign mission were you have to save the dauther of the russian president from Berlin, there are two german tanks that provides you help. One of them has the name "Vorschlaghammer" which is in englisch a slegdhammer. :)

latte gamez

You will someday win a battle coby


Yes, yes it is

C Mahoney

“The building felt like...moving”

Edmond Boateng

i luv this panda thing

Sawyer F

i'm going to right a comment

Bocah Gaming

yang dari indonesia like☺☺☺☺

Nick Tetteroo

There's a trophy/achievement called 'praise the run' I think we all know what that's a reference/nod to

ceezs [REZ

I cried

Michael Saxon

Dude purest should do more trickshots like if if u agree


Soon as I saw the matchup I knew wendy would make like enola gay and drop epic bombs.


I dont know why but i have a very slight feeling that this channel posts fake stuff. I know people DO go through this, but it's very rare you would see a person in this kind of situation make say something like this.


your job is amazing

Momomo Momomo

aimbot !

Arbaaz Mulla

why unlike?

halston L

Who is panda

Michael Russo

Coby is behind the camera

C. Bennett

Ga bless u😊

Abel Carrillo

Broncos need a slot wr

nuboi ?

They should bring back 2 player mode in forge

*has every symptom*


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