GAIYE GunGaan Prabhu Ka - BK Song - Sadhna Sargam - Om Vyas - BK Satish.

An Excellent Meditation Song From Brahma Kumaris, presented with humble understanding with appropriate slides.

Closer Pro

This is not a minute video!

MaX MadaFaka

Try Manhunt and Manhunt 2

Ashton McKinney

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Dovis Govus

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hill hank

I really thought the guy from vine called batdad would be on the list


Allen I would like to see you make a giant bowl of spaghetti

Kevin Kleisinger

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Prabu Azka

I thought you had to go to the hospital, and the doctor is error and do the opposite of being a doctor

Adam V

I love these soooooooo much, I want more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (like if you agree so others can see)

Sparkle Unicorn

I know right


Sambit Satapathy

I need one to spin

Lickle Rick

These aren't trick shots their doing something then throwing it into the hoop

Dmoney Fosque

this was the shortest video ever but then I realized that I actually hit to the end of the video lol

Jame 07

Purple hoser all the way

Albert Fachan

Yeah as many as helicopters fly every day this is bond to happen


0:39 But doesn't everyone have their asigned seat ?


Ananya Sampathkumar

i really like the animation style for this

Andrea Zavaleta-Vega

How come these are my ninth grade vocabulary words?

April Garcia

Will this be available in morphe stores the same day as the release?? Lol. Going to try and buy it in store.

Life Of Mia

15:36 look at Cody in the background 😂😂

But I can't wait 7 months for it !!

Noor Chalaby

Lionel messi

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Slash gamer

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3:52What he's "Typing" is a website called "Hackertyper" where you can just type randomly, and it will automatically type out codes to make you look like a genius 😏😎

EdKaryn Animations

I was diagnosed with depression on July 27. And this video is exactly true. I’m just getting started in therapy so it’s pretty bad at the moment

Gravestones 4

I never understand this logic. When I do it, I understand.

Jake Rude

Im gonna cry waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

David Chen

Dude prefect please to the CN tower in Toronto and throw a goal shot on the top of the tower!!!!!!


nice outro bro very awkward

Geraldina Reyes

A bunch of semi naked dudes appearing from nowhere, wow.

Shishkebab Gaming

this will be lost in the sea of comments.

Michał Tupak676

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kk double K

They should do a price EA vs Jay shetty


@toothpistol49 Much Much harder. Can take ages. Especially trying to fill up the four canisters. Took 2 rounds of killing zombies in the small space, seeming as you run out of ammo even with a RPK and HK21 it can take longer.

Brian Bush

Max is stupid and they should really consider not letting him speak about basketball topics

Angel Kid


Bunana Game-Z-er




The portal one shows a die hard some easter egg hunters are

Trill Cancer

Guru keep up the work and thanks for all the easter eggs

Notebook Paper Animations

Ha goodbye wife number 9

michael ehrenreich

CAN i use this for a class presentation please for Hofstra University , I will cite in in APA format , it 's brillant please pleazse pleese !!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

D. M.



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