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SmartBabySongs, the kids nursery rhymes brings you a new video with Friends on Wheels!Today we present you a special compilation with the funny mighty machines – Friends on Wheels. We have put together our first 10 episodes in a cool compilation for many funny moments and accomplished projects. The Construction vehicles are working on the job site to build a nice playground, airport, amusement park even a train station and many more. Get ready for 10 episodes offun musical cartoons!MIGHTY MACHINES REPAIRING A WATER PIPE - RHYMES COMPILATION FOR KIDSWheels on The Truck Winter Edition With SnowPlow Truck | Rhymes Compilation Of Friends On WheelsLittle Fish - Learn To Count to 10 -Children counting Song Numbers 1 thru 10Wheels on the Police Car Part 2 - Catching the Weasel Robber | Kids Rhyme from SmartBabySongsSailor Went to Sea Sea Sea - Children Nursery Rhyme with Fish Sea Horse Turtle and Pirate SailorBear Went Over the Mountain Nursery Rhyme for Kids from SmartBabySongRain Go Away Nursery Rhyme for Children | Favorite Kids Songs Compilation by SmartBabySongs

your voice is so chill dude :3



Ancient Sumerian

I noticed a lot of low IQ people are commenting on here without reading the story. #1 the guy helping him up isn't the one who got kicked out and fined. #2 The guy who pushed him wasn't even anywhere near him, so the push was deliberate. #3 The guy on the right side of him not only pushed him, but he was also cursing at him. #4 the guy apologized and admitted he was wrong right after the incident. So you cucks can stop trying to defend him in the comments section.

Potato bro

Huh I thought some white ladies made it

Lindsey Miller

Let's go

Saiyal Rasel

WoW frozen 2

Andrew Chevrier

Mad respect for Tony!

Tyler Schuth

The bear moving its head to the left was creepy


gta v is going to be amazing


Porshena Echols

Do arcade stereotypes


"Terrerial" lol

HamZe Kadar abdi

This guys are good at every sport wow

speedychi 1412

Coco chanel?

Jacques Nel

Donald Trump: "We're going to build a wall."


This is so cringe worthy. Man they got way better


Oh so you were the guy who made this video months ago when i watched it NOW I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHINGGG

Austin Cross


Meme_ Loopz

I know the joke isnt really funny anymore but if you haven't do exotic butters from fnaf sl

Oo Kill Em

golden state worriers arena

Our silence was broken by her beautiful speech now light and relieved. She talked about how we used to play Clash of Clans and how I was obsessed with it for a while. We laughed and smiled as we talked. Finally I turned off the lights and wished her good night. Then I heard her whisper, "Kiss me. Please! I love you" I did just that. We were locked in a kiss and an embrace for 10 blissful minutes before we had to let go. Well, I thought, we will have a lot of time to do this. She fell asleep while I woke up ready to defend her. Yet I didn't know when I myself fell asleep.


Man, you've really been pumpin' out the videos lately. Hope to see more soon :)



시간은 흘러가는 것

Noah Eden

race jet skis :)

Milo Games

I know this is an story from one of the other story channels. It's copied from that channel

Brady Harrison

I'm a Husker fan but sweet.

Marlyn Pradas

Hey funwithguru. What you name John si na

Lankey Bastard

@dscrazy13 aim for the head

Harlan Utley

Ty is doing the middle finger on the thumbnail

Srithar Ramanathan

who is panda?

10,000 Subcribers with no videos

Are these real?

Bryan Hdz

Dude i know the mario

If I could, found this one


I literally had no idea I was labour until I was fully dilated with my second child, really put to shame the 32 hour long labour of my first...

Tanner Damlo

that just hurt me

Hamdan 20007

Wait, Aliens:

Jt Thompson

mark wahlberg


Awas kena

Jack McCoy


Chris Manley

Sweet is sugar but with him it’s pepper and mints...

Mohamed Dahir

I have it to

Aryan Mehta

i got lord of the rings daster than cory

Tutumani Devi

Super nice


You can make volly ball spikes

SKmar Channel

this video deserves 0...

RaPz_snipes Godz

Can ur whole Chanel sub to me it would be the best in the world search no scope god Chanel and I’m the first one

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