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Freedom From Fear Guided Meditation

Thank you for checking out this guided meditation. Wishing you much peace and freedom on your journey. Looking for a specific meditation? Feel free to let me know! Always open to suggestions, comments, and requests.Check out the free downloads: 30 Day Meditation Challenge and Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation.If you take the 30-Day Meditation challenge please let me know how it goes!! Would love to hear how meditation has helped you!!Subscribe for updates on new youtube content: to the . ~*A Guided Meditation for learning how to release fears that serves us no longer!!!! in a positive and healthy way!!!There is a brief discussion of fear, as it is important to gain perspective on this matter, and the actual meditation itself begins after...around 5 minutes. Note: This is probably my favorite meditation that I felt deeply called to make. So much fear in our society and in people's hearts. I wish for healing and freedom of such fears so that we can all thrive, love, and live life with meaning and truth and then share this with our fellow humans!!! LoVe., i.e. the absence of fear...Please read the meditation description below and the helpful tips for starting the meditation. This specific meditation can be purchased and downloaded at (official site)Album One (which includes this track) is available on iTunes at at Amazon via *of this meditation*Another one of the more deep and "healing" meditations Freebird offers. This meditation is to help you identify and release fear and general anxiety. You will also develop specific tools to deal with fear as it arises in your daily life while replacing these feelings/thoughts with something much more positive and proactive. Breathwork, gentle musical accompaniment, visualization and words of encouragement are utilized in this meditation as well. This meditation is approximately 45 minutes long and also works well with journaling as an additional tool.If you have major anxiety or PTSD, please use your own discretion as to whether you are ready to do this work. Be patient and gentle with yourself and take your time as needed. Once you feel calm, relaxed, and chill as a result of doing this work, please share this sense of peace with others who need it! Make the world a better place by taking care of yourself, feeling good and sharing the vibe! ***********************************While my social media efforts are minimal, feel free to follow onInstagram you have a great experience with these meditations please feel free to leave a comment somewhere and let me know! Also, If you have an idea for a meditation you would like to hear just let me know! Always open to suggestions!Happy Meditating and in the meanwhile,Be Well, Be Happy and Be Free.Much Love, Katie at***********************************Disclaimer: DO NOT listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery. This track is for entertainment and educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you have a history of mental illness or other medical problems then please consult with your healthcare provider before learning meditation. This does not imply that meditation will be harmful to you; however, it is a precaution to take before any activity as such. While the provider of this meditation is a mental health therapist, this meditation is not a substitute for mental health care or is not used as a form of therapy. Freebird Meditations makes no claims or hold responsibility for the effects of this material. You are solely responsible for how you choose to understand and use any of our writings or meditations. Freebird Meditations accepts no responsibility for any adverse effect, direct or indirect that results from your use of any and all content Freebird Meditation provides.Whew…. Not that is out of the way… Please enjoy your meditation practice. Much Love, Katie


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