Feng Huang Relaxing - Calming Bedtime Baby Song ♫ Orchestral Musicbox Hushaby For Kids

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I hate musicals


i know "how r ya" rite now :( it is VERY sad moment, when my 10r old dog died, i realized that fact with my brain a year after :( be strong, guyz! sending u lot of love..


Guys they removed the 1980 glitch so... no need for 1980 comments :P

Ciahna Madeleine

how is Jen so beautiful even with a cold i mean jesus


Chris have the power of anime on his side.

Eric Velasco

There is one in battlefield 4 where there is a rideable tractor I think it's a Easter egg

Taysen Gillmore

Do trick shots with jullian peppers

Ellie ta

I was diagnosed Bipolar when I was 4. I found out that Bipolar is genetic. I got it from my mom. I now have to do homeschooling because I can't handle going to a public school.


wait for GTA V to come out and make that the 100th video

Zman's Channel


Et Immortalem

It looks like a fucking rabid dog. Fucking hang it or shoot it in the eye

Super Buni

I was diagnosed with depression a few years back. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years. During that time I did and said a lot of things to him that I regret incredibly. Recently bpd has kept popping up and the more I look into it the more I realise the things I've done, said, and the way ive acted to family and friends and my lover are so similar. Its been confusing and scary and I'm afraid of talking to anyone or a therapist. I'm scared of people claiming im self diagnosing. My birth mother has bipolar disorder and shes possibly one of the worst people ive had to meet. I dont want to ever be like her. I'm confused, so much feels different, strange. I dont know where to start or what to do. I want help but I dont want to sound like I'm trying to get attention or self diagnosing. I tried getting a job but ended up losing it because of anxiety and just being god awful at it. I dont know what i should do. Sometimes i think maybe i should just end it and that way i wont have to deal with it anymore. But im too scared to execute any plan.

Cony Calderon

DID ANYONE SEE CORBIN BLUE?????? (Chad from HSM) 6:26


How do you know? Did you make fortune cookies?

Chloe 319_HD

My parents yell at me when I do my little rituals.


If you like this it means you love dude perfect

Seamus Mors

Do more Guest guest

Ralf Rodriguez

No beyond good and evil 2???

KevinKnox Playlist

21:53 😂😂 I'm literally dieing


4:40 The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.

Dustin Mcdonald

dp guys are great keep it going



Vicky Tenorio



but i need it );


howl 💕

Valerie Pickens

Need to play the same game,...but with NFL running backs.

craz storey




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