Fear and Courage: Guided Meditation

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Georgia Xox

He made Starbucks idk if he says it in the video because I’m half way through and I just looked on google

sawdust 5

Not to be rude, but why don't you stop just making videos about this stuff, and actually do something about it?

Ita juwita



OK ONE THING: first i couldn't understand why people are saying- Who said gamer cant be successful IN THE TITLE

Toto Torre

This is why you cannot smoke too much cigarettes.... They can kill you by destroying your lungs and have trouble breathing.


Logan Paul’s skeleton

KimAckerman 21

This trailer left me more confused than the first one😲 still I'm gonna watch frozen

Monica Wade

Lol I don’t get the Bryan joke haha good video tho

Niraj Agrahari

Try cricketing shots

Antonio Jimenez

Wy Coby wy


4:20 video time https://youtu.be/7sfyggdYc1E

Pubg Roblox Gamer Minecraft



So he lived

Justin Sprolesy

Letsssss gooooooooo bringing that fire

Christina Cormier

I have anxiety attacks on and off everyday.

Nam Nguyen

I wonder if the mother got terminal lumbago

Rashad Brown

Same with me in my mind.

Jhon Cp



I don't want to sound mean, but it's called adoption.

Awesome Donuts

You should do Matt from demolition ranch

Justice M

poor minion haha

Stuff and Thaangs



Thx dp editors

Kayla Joyce

Don’t want to get this straight you had to SLEEP with another woman just to make sure you were getting bored of your life that you loved “so much”

Chris Rogers

I love the song we sang it at maple ridge go on their you tone cannul and go to it


I saw the DJ. Kaled sign. You (not) smart (jk)

Terri Nich

I love it

If I asked you to kick it then would you slide back? (huh)



Super Koala Jones

Me: stop making comments like this Better grab your balloons and invite your friends

Taylor Lee

This is bad...

Spider 2.0

I grew up with severe autism and still don’t understand these. Sure, my autism has faded immensely (is that the right way to put it?) but what is so bad about it? Why are people worried about telling others about it. I had it effect me for 16 years and not once did anything like this happen. Guys, if your as paranoid as this women, don’t be. I got through it. When you get older, it just becomes life. I really question these types of videos


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