Experience a Peaceful and Productive Day with this Morning Meditation

When your morning is intentionally calm and positive, the rest of your day can be a peaceful and productive experience.May you be safe from inner and outer harm.May you live this day with ease and peace.You can pair this practice with an evening meditation ritual for powerful effects: We hope you enjoy!Headphones recommended for optimal experience. Do not listen while driving.Meditation written and read by Sara RaymondPhoto Credit: Joel Demott from Upsplash.comMusic Credit:"Coming Down" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke invite you to make yourself comfortable . . . here at The Mindful Movement, we are an oasis where you can come to tap into your inner peace, positive mindset, and self-healing.💜 Join Sara from The Mindful Movement for this FREE 4-Day Meditation Journey!Start, deepen, or reignite your meditation practice with these four guided meditations. #theMeditationJourney💜Start here: 💜Get to know the Mindful Movement: 💜 If you are new here, consider some of these videos to see what we offer: Let us know what you think and if you have any requests for more meditation or movement videos.Thank you for watching.Don't forget to subscribe and share.Your support helps us make more videos.🙏 The Mindful Movement is happy to provide these meditations, podcasts, and videos free of charge. We don't ask for anything in return but if you wish to make a donation, please know that whatever you offer will be received with much gratitude. 💜Connect with The Mindful Movement community of like-minded people on Facebook.And on Instagram

Masera Dawood

When I was three I made an imaginary friend😂

Krabtos Krabtos

Music in this game is so awesome -

micheal jackson fan

I thought it was about him leaving her


Too bad I can't sub twice

Our Little Ways

A lot of people don’t realise that constant berating and shouting IS a form of abuse. It is horrible. The fear is more than is able to explain

Mitesh Vaghela

1:46 if you want to see a miracle

Ebad Q

I got Jaws before Garret

Gravestones 4

I never understand this logic. When I do it, I understand.

Kim Gowen

Germanywill win

Brahin Ahmaddiya

Me: The Pants GuyEveryone else: The Ball Hog

April Standerfer-Holtz

DP is the best.

Ditt. Men


Andrew Matanmi

Change the title it not that interesting not trying to be mean

Raster 238

Yo guru I know you're done with battlefield 4 but in your next unused Easter eggs vid there's an Easter egg that has two of the battlefield friends arguing just a heads up :)

🌺 🍃 🍃 🍃 🌺 🍃 🌺 🌺 🌺


14:01 - 14:50 So that's where it came from.


School is hell inside it u enter jail inside hell

AKA 0rb

Marco won

Kiran Saini

Make a part 2

Rebel Savage

This was amazing. Best video by far

one king

LoL where do you get so much time for this ? You get paid for doing this? i bet it takes 3 hours to make one of that shots


Ty looks like uncle drew

Lucas Noel


Evangelina Gil

We como asen eso

Preston’s Place

He’s so nice and sweet



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