Everyday Kundalini: Meditation To Release Anger

Everyday Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Mantras and Breathing to Empower and Transform Your Life is a new book written by Kathryn McCusker.The book is a practical and inspiring introduction to the key components of Kundalini Yoga, giving you all the tools you need for a calm, happy and radiant life.Kathryn McCusker, a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified teacher.. After living in London for eleven years, where she taught private clients including Bjork and Rachel McAdams, and led classes at Triyoga and Alchemy, she returned to Sydney in 2011 to open KMYOGA, Sydney’s first dedicated Kundalini Yoga Studio, which she ran for three years. She is now back in London teaching private clients and group classes, as well as leading international retreats. A professional opera singer for over twenty years, Kathryn’s background in music and voice gives her a deep connection to the transformative power of mantra and pranayama. She infuses this into her classes, along with her own mantra music and relaxing gong meditations. For more information, go to: www.kathrynmccuskerkundalini.com

Grace Ellis

Most medical professionals don't want to be filmed. That's the reality, but next time if you go to him again, you should film away from the doctor or blur his face. Congrats anyway guys ❣️

NaufalAlan_ JR

I felt to much with this video

Glaenn Silawane

I like dude pervec 😍😍😍😍😍

Lily White

This is even better than the first!

f1r3m4nN1nj4 22

The Taste Test was so entertaining I watched it over again... we need more of that.

Ayeisha Sookdeo

yess she had an education


I love this game, the tiny easter eggs and references are awesome, there's pretty much a reference to everything in the game!

Lu 👁👄👁

That's a cute aNimE stOry 🗿🗿🗿👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Everyone: Liked that

Logan Larson

Cool 🌎

Life Like if you thought as I did


Okay, picture his hypothetical scenario– let’s say, where she lives gay people can’t get married. Let’s say she’s old enough to vote, and it was mandatory to vote on a bill that passed a law allowing gay marriage, aka a right straight people already have. You think she would vote for or against it? Let’s say one of her close relatives was getting married, and she/her family was invited. She was stoked to go, but then found out her relative was getting married to a person of the same sex. You think she would still want to go, despite initially being excited? Yeah. That’s homophobia. I appreciate her respectfulness, but that doesn’t change the fact that she IS homophobic.


Well I just learned that I go to school where that scene in Good Will Hunting was shot. Thanks for that!

Pugzella 101

I hope this fails this is crazy . I'm flippin scared


Holy shit that ending XD!!!!!

Rajendra Sahoo



Good vid and third bruh

Wanted Games

At 22:14 it sounds like a bomber from terrorist hunt on rainbow six: siege

جمانه الغامدي

شوي وابكي من الجمال💕

That's not exactly the case. When he did, he wanted to see if he would continue to be happy with her by trying a relationship with someone else. The wife even said that he could use his "hall pass" if he wants to see if "being with her was what he truly wanted", and he also told her what was going on the entire time.

Change Of Direction



Guru kid have you ever been on tv

Callum Conroy

The first final fantasy i played growing up and it will always have the number 1 spot. So hyped to play it again ! vagrant story and legend of dragoon next please

Crispy Surf

The twins look like chipmunks

Bilawal Ahmed Rahim

There is nothing easy.Does go pro flip




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