Estas Tonne | Cosmic Fairytale : Dimensions

During the tour in the year 2014, while traveling through Portugal, Italy, Moldova, Giedrius Dagys and Estas Tonne started to film scenes for an upcoming short presentation of a song. At the time of filming we had no idea what it would look like, neither we had a song. All has been forming “on the go”. Glimpses of the song were slowly matching with the shots and shots were matching the sound. There where very little planning during the shooting, all the locations, people and weather condition where taken in to account as they manifest themselves without much of an effort. In a way this is the magic of flowing with the present and absorbing what it gives us right this moment.Special thank you goes to: MarinaToninii, GangaPatricia Lara, IndrėKuliešiūtė, TiloWondollek, FionaUnterasinger, Samanthadi Guard & ArmidaOradei, whose presence and collaboration made it possible to record this video.This track is available for download from:iTUNES:Site:& Edited byGeri Dagys Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studiosfilming and musical work is done solely on our own expenses. We would very much appreciate your financial support to bring more colors to this world. All donations are welcome.

Matthew Ian Rex Shatterly

My fave is the Texas Rangers!!

man martinez

are y'all still making videos

It's Jenny

It’s ok we support you!! God bless you

Mohammad Akbar khan


Araceli Torres

Team Texas Roadhouse ❤️❤️❤️ if you agree hit the like button 👍👍👍👍🥩🍖🍗

Pizza Steve

This is like one year too late.

dedly kuin

10:24 i thought it was the word "the" from spongebob where he did the essay

Peyton Jones

Meebles makes me want to cry tears of love. I just want to cuddle him

Levi Ackerman


Pro Gamers Hub

The Bullies are probably thinking "I just bullied The 54th Richest man in the world"

Dimi Ad

the ending :D hahaha.he just like nope

United Random Bros


Bradlee Hayes

The call of duty black ops is not working he's a hacker

Goat Vlogz



can you do commentary

Tripp DeFelice

the human controller.I once hurdled the couch ;)

max cuell


Carter spolyar

giant soccer

Tamyah Copeland

Pro Ana????? WTF. Me, eating a bag of Salt n Vinegar chips.

Sokeo Ramirez

love the sombrero


Adnan Yılmaz

How can you do all of that


Fallout 4 is 4 months away (jesus christ) and as the hype train is currently at a steady speed, I thought I'd add some fuel to the engine with a video that should have been made a while ago. Fallout games are up there as some of the best for easter eggs and references, this video has several I really like in New Vegas. Thanks for watching!

Neil Patil

Love you guy

sky killd

You can found all masks of pay day



Miguel Buenafe

fuck you tyle


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