END OF WAR - the final minutes of WWI

November 11, 1918 - An armistice signaling the end of the First World War was signed shortly after 5am. The ceasefire would come into effect at 11am.

Claudia Pereira

ronlado went to juventus

Luke Minosky

the only thing ricky has ever won

Gaming Girl

Can you please do mom I trick shots please


HAHAHAHA That is so funny.


I thought it would be one of those stories where like the sister is the real mom

Rhina Rosario

Wut if ty shaved his beard?

Nina Loves Alex Band

Wow this is so inspirational


who still watching in 2019??

Caelyn Williams

Boys think girls are their toys and that we don't have emotions boys shouldn' t be allowed to touch girls inappropriately or without permission

Trae Winton

You should do a fortnite video

Ahmad Ghonym

You better put Desiigner in that suit.

Yandi Rodriguez

Good for you

Arthur. Florence

postal 2, the reference to every mass murder in this universe

Ladu Kudaskar

I like butterfly shot


good game

Tamog Presents

I love how Ty is just dancing at 3:15

notorious westkid

Bruh 5:14 they had to cut him out because man's was bout to roast her

Devon Jones

I know that everybody is joking but when ever coby is about to beat Tyler he turns into an ass 6:56

Candy Kane


Alyssa Ramos

go vs the legendary shots if you are that good because you are really good


MarMar jello


No sound in space

Mushy Cookie

On number 4 it says "During Thor's dream are 3 people wearing animal masks"

GoldenDimond 81

I knew

Pedro Nicolas

votiguernaut eat headcra YEERRRUUGHHT

Austin Mendoza

Donde está le loke de la Letra Jaja


Hey dudes you should go to south myrtle beach at orange lakes

I'm a banana


Zakaria Risan

I was eatin' Apple


Like HULK when you pressing 4

Family Beirowski


David Expo

Guru, would you marry me?

Sankalp Setia

Instead let’s just stop climate change


2k freakin’ 18

tomas reyes

I got some hope


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