EMDR Therapy - Guided Meditation (Official EMDR)

Download our EMDR Albums here: or our studies and trials we found that certain emotional manifistations occur especially within disorders such as depression, anger, anxiety, - as well as post-traumatic-stress-disorder. Our albums are designed to target disturbing images, feelings or tensions using a variety of clinical techniques. In a 2007 review of 33 randomised controlled trials of various psychological treatments for PTSD, EMDR was rated as an effective method, not significantly different in effect from Trauma-Focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or SM (Stress Management) treatments. EMDR did significantly better than other therapies, according to patient self-reports. The International Society of Stress Studies practice guidelines categorized EMDR Therapy as an evidence-based level A treatment for PTSD in adults. A number of international guidelines include EMDR as a recommended treatment for trauma.

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