Meditation hawaii

Hello my blog

Ecepta - I Care

🙏🏻nourish. playlistsoundcloud

Junior Nunes

I was eating a Nutella sandwich

Cryin' Bryan

holy fuck. That last one was crazy.

Krisla Rodas

Chris do tou moustarize??

Kaneezfatima Fatima

Wheres Coby

nillia bb

I feel sorry for the panda its so cuteeee

funnehfan4eva oof

What about your brother?🤨😕😔

Isaiah Olson

I wonder how many times they can release the same game. Oh wait it's the DBZ fanbase, they'll always sell forever


When Tyler shot that kriss vector, i could even see the bullet


But why are they portrayed as Muslims though?

꧁༒ Shubham༒꧂


Eddie -_-

6:36 😲 damn boi you’re pure bones I’m 5,7ft and 137 lbs and that’s good weight cuz I’m fit

Minute videos:

Keep up the good work

Pecos Wilder


Angela McFarland

mortor cycle racing!!!!!

Syifa Fajriyatus


Daniel Stenly 20

Subtitle Indonesia??


615 million dollars for a 5mile long barrier Jeez and trump wants to build a wall and stop cheap labour coming to the us

Makayla Sejkora

I just don't want to do what Coby did!

Kevin Williams

ayeeee, logic "Super Mario World" I can't wait for his new album

VIC 30

I think the developer loves dinosaur

Dejaun Fields

Turn back to 309

Amy Franks

Otober 18,2011 I was 1yrs old and 12 days old

Get 55555 Subscribe Without Video


Thành Vĩnh Châu

This guy is Jeff Bezos( the inventor of Amazon)

Jennifer Mangum


Julia 1

No one:


Anyone notice that the scene from a bugs life and monsters inc is entirely in  the same setting? The trailer is the same and everything. Another Easter Egg!

Supreme James

When I first saw that the Q/A was 15 minutes, I kind of hesitated to watch it all. After watching it, I genuinely wanted it to be longer! Big ups guru, and keep up the great content. Also, have you thought of starting a lets play series? It'd be perfect YouTube and Chill material.

Marvel Lover56

I can relate to the group chat thing

Ghost Fox

At this time that plane has been on the ground in Victorville CA for the past 6 months. Last flown on August 15, 2017 from Atlanta to Victorville.

marcelly andrade


You are not a human

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