Duduk Meditation Memories of Caucasus Armenian Flute

The duduk is easily the most recognisable Armenian musical instrument, featuring perhaps more often in funerals, due to its melancholy tone, than in weddings, although it is also used during celebrations or for dances. With different variations and names, it is used throughout the region – the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.01 Where is She?02 Through Loreign Deserted Roads03 I Beg You Mountains04 They Look Away My Loved One05 Fallowing The Banks Of he Arax River* This Channel has no monetary or commercial intentions.The music published in this channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation art and music gathering people that like the genre and style. Also divulging artists and their creations.If the image or music appearing in this channel violates the copyright or licensing, please inform me.

James Reiss


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