Do you want to know the power of Ho'oponopono? - Mabel Katz

For more information visitthis workshop I talk about how Ho'oponopono can be The Easiest Way to be free and happy, and how important it is to get out of your comfort zone to achieve other things.Mabel Katz in Conscious Life Expo Workshop recorded on february 20 2016 in Los Angeles, USA

Jonathan Murray

Sam!!! Can we get a full English breakfast!!!!! Please!!!! Love the quesadillas^^^

Stevie Mz

plz do sugar with petrol and a flame thrower

Ashlynn Fitzgerald

This is why I wear something called a one piece

Agape Pola Chan

More bloopers

Vh irtue

you go girl their idiots you strong


You could go take jobs and help your parents with the financial

Charlie’s words of Diamonds Charlie

Hi 👋

Cash Walrus

I think it should say Sam Pepper's house instead of oscar's. heh. Get it? No? Ok then...


I mean some of them are cute with the flush on :)

Zoie DIY slime

Her : I’m slipping fast into a depression I could never face

Nate Parker


Nathan Lucks

god reached out to all of them

Kawlnu Chothe

I was emotionally abused by my ex .. I would apologise after every fight so that I could save the relationship.. things become worse .. whenever he was angry he would verbally abused me .. I always cry myself to sleep at night .. it went on for 3 years ..that’s when I started reacting without apologising.. that’s when he jump into new relationship with a new girl .. I begged and cry .. he didn’t listened .. after 5 months he came back saying he was sorry .. I forgive him because I loved him .. this year towards the end of March .. I was just angry .. he started abusing me verbally again .. I said we r done .. he said okay .. I left without any reply .. fast forward to 3 weeks I found out that he was already rekindling with his ex from 7 years who was always trying to come in between us .. he deleted me from his Facebook and unfollowed me on Instagram .. i texted him just to make sure he was moving on already .. instead he started mocking me and being mean and rude to me .. still I don’t even say any disrespectful words towards him .. I apologised and finally I left ... It is hard to move on.. But I will never ever make myself go through a hell like life again..

Ruben Padilla

We'll keep your secret man, no worries 😉


R.I.P Big Black.

Luke Noh

Is this a real story? Cause it's good!

iloveanimeh _a.k.a puppy


Blaze Master

I wish old school Smosh was back. But I guess this is pretty good.


Jamie Brown


First Trending On Indonesian Dramas

Then he hung out with me less and less.

aaron Quaghebeur



111? That’s nothing come to Australia

Laura Hernandez

I love CANDY!!!!!!!!!!🤪🤪🤪

Saurabh kumar Jha

any from India??? 👇 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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