Dil Ki Yahi Lagan I Bk-divine songs I bk meditation song I Pramela Jain

Dil ki Yahi lagan hai..... Man ka Yahi kathan hai...... #BrahmaKumarisSong #BkdivinesongsDo enjoy this soothing brahmakumaris meditation song. ...................................................................Link to Some other songs which you may like:Link to : om shanti woh yog ki uchaito :Yahi man me baba hai to: mere parampita paramatma to :Tere pyaar mein jo sukh milta hai to :Shiv Apada haranto :banaya Prabhu Ne Hai ApnaLink :you for watching. Hope you enjoy.

shay thompson

Guru. How on earth do u get these so quick?

Diego Gonzalez

Imagine dude perfect passing pewdipie and t-series

Pervert HardStan Army

I feel so bad for her...😭 when I get once cramp... IT HURTS SO BAD.

Originally Char

Ty looks so different now

The BamBoozler

I saw that there's also an Easter egg, if you go to a certain pizza place, you can hear the Spiderman 2 pizza theme

tammana bansal

dude you are great right name of your channel dude perfect you are really great and dude perfect suts you very much


Up to 120 FPS

arturli videolar

Hello is Kazakhstan

Adeline Crook

which video is the glass hologram thingy in?

Soledad Mendez

I now have a headcanon that all the superheroes use “Joe” as their personal dry cleaner because he’s gullible, but really he knows everything and loves to mess with them to continue getting clients.

Logan Hodge

panda is Sean Townsend


Jeez. Now I remember how long I've been watching you.


So y'all are making her Frozone now?

blossom rose

This art is really really touched the reality and art is very smooth and beautiful 😍😍


gears of war 3 giant mutant fire breathing chicken

imo you could put a pause mark when you stop the video and the audio keeps going, at first it was confusing, I thought the video was laggy. Then I made some more girl-friends and I was in a school orchestra with all of them (but the girl I met in 5th grade)

Jc Vids

I totally agree

David Roger

fake? If not realy EPIC

- "Callaita" bad bunny 29 millones vs "Por ley" Anuel 28 millones (sin contar las visitas robadas por ese “vívete la music”)

Jenn Leal


Super TeddyBear Bros

This is probably one of the Saddest Story’s I have ever listened and watched 😭

Thank you for being my friend, Friend (I don’t wanna say her name)

No name

Micheal Jordan come here even if u 60 years old u still dunk better than them

Eathonol Pie

Dude Perfect makes all of these things seem soo easy while I can’t throw a basketball into the hoop.😂😂

Lisa Farrell

Cody does



SSSniper Cat

This is like my friend

Poison Pixel

Bush - 9/11

Brave Victory

Where were you when my love of Halo was revived?


we have the worlds second longest basketball shot


The new KKW bridal set

Opkiller 0991

4:34 he has purple hair

slauter 19

i found an orange skull in the police station. The second time u go their

The greatest Hippo

Endgame: We make the best trailers, they have so much shade and it's spoiler free too. Frozen 2: Hold my Olaf

Read the 4th word.


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