Deep Sleep Meditation to Alpha BrainWaves - Meditate To Binaural Beats and Go To Alpha Brainwaves

1 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation Alpha - Meditate To Binaural Beats and go to the Alpha BrainwavesThis video is designed for deep relaxation, if you go "tingly" whilst listening to this please realise that it's completely natural.If the sensations become too much for you, simply stop the video and give your self a few minutes to come around.As you are going into a relaxed state, your bodily functions will also think you are in a deep sleep and will slow down your heart rate, this may make you cold on waking, again perfectly normal. You can wear an extra layer, climb under the duvet or put a big woolly jumper on which is exactly what I do :)#Enjoy your MeditationSubscribe to our channel for morebeats are desired frequencies introduced directly into your brain.Meditation through Brainwave entrainment is achieved when binaural audio signals are introduced to the brain. This causes a response directly related to the Alpha frequency.When going into the very natural sleep stage of Alpha, deep relaxation occurs and science in agreeing that it also aids in the opening of the Pineal Gland or your "third Eye"Listen to this with your headphones on.Find somewhere relaxing where you will not be disturbed.Sit in a comfortable chair with a straight back or lie down in a slightly darkened room.These instructions are at the start of the video and a countdown from five will have you ready when you're one hour deep sleep meditation begins where you can let the theta brainwaves relax you.After the hour you will awaken refreshed, do not get up suddenly, give yourself a minute or two to come round back to the now.If you like the Video 1 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation in Alpha - Meditate To Binaural Beats and Go To Alpha BrainwavesSubscribe to our channel for moremore Deep sleep meditations playlist:Hour Deep Sleep Meditation Theta - Meditate To Binaural Beats and Go To Theta BrainwavesHour Deep Sleep Meditation Delta - Meditate To Binaural Beats and go to Delta Brainwavesare some links to our other videos:10 Minute meditation Series Playlist:Minute meditation Series Videos:10 Minute Meditation Series: Meditate To The Aum Sound - 10 Minute Meditation To The Tranquil Monk Sound AUMMinute Meditation Series: Meditate To Serene Water Sounds - 10 Minute Meditation To Tranquil Underwater Bubble Sounds

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