deepak chopra - anger (resolution and transformation through regression)


Excellent job. 👌🏼your videos are awesome.

Violets are blue

Jakub Suz

"I'm not a racist,I just don't agree black community" LOL

Sexy Zombie

On Battlefeild 4 I shot a RPG at a flickering light on the moutians and it sounded like a yeti.

I still have a lot of battles to fight in the future but, I want to focus on now, today not tomorrow because what truly matters too. Me: WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HOW

Karolis R.

and after that i am waiting for BURJ Dubaj building shot...

Because you didn’t get to buy a ticket?

Geral Becerra

Muy interesante, me gustó demasiado el video 😊💕

Sienna Terenciuk

wow I love this story.....



Dominic Huston

want to do one with u guys and want to be like you

Sb Vlogs

Aww u are so pretty

Graze Costumni

I finished watching the video an I'm like will watch anime, and realized that the date is June 11 so one punch man season 2 episode 9 came out


Seems a cow to me.. let's ride her!

Butter Boiii

Yeah this is cool and all but...Banjo Is In Smash

Luke Welsh

the white woman and black guy could also be a reference to the book and movie holes



Raju Kuahwaha

Who don't have ps 4😢😭😭😭😭

Emma_becool 123

He sound like a rubbish boy friend but a good friend.

Ababu Berhanu


Super Banana

This video came out exactly two years a go

Amanda Kirkland

my favorite shot was the world's longest sling shot

Mikaela Abelanes



Tony good sportsmanship

Micah Wilson

Back when garret had hair


Im against gays

Zain Muqaddam

Sign dunk

Joram Echemane

remember kawhi is not a hero player. he cannot shut down durant alone but raptors can

Kaelah Tobar

This is how we celebrate Christmas in Texas!


#yiayjob she’s a hooker

30% Emma

apple Man2009

Garrett dad has a fake beard

panggop jio

Wizards Can Control All Elements Except Their Hairs.... Barbarian : Hold My Beer!

kirk german


Biscuit Boy

Dude perfect what dirt bike is that please answer


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