Day - 1।। Shrimad Bhagwat Katha || Pujya Indareshji Upadhyai ji Maharaj || Badarinath (UK) - Special

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Sanjeeb Madhu

my high score is 78



I slept with my friends boyfriend while sleeping-

Seth Boyardee

What number one plz tell me

chicken schwarma phone call center

The one with Gears of War 4 hit me so hard .

Polo G & Lil TJay "Pop Out" (Live Performance)

Mia Koontz Vlogs

Emma is closer to Ethan, ethma approved?

Fatin Najwa Mohd Rafi


hey charlie

Wow the girl not being able to dance hit me hard. I felt bad for her.


Why did you decide to shoot him? Just cause


React to when they see us trailer

Sebastian Might

OMG the last Egg is the best

Ethan Samau


Arie cancer

I dont make inculin!!!!!!! I heve diabetes first tipe!!!!!!!! And i friking got it from my perants dna!!!! Ahhh i hate i heve to inject inculin and check my bloode every day about 4-9 a day!!!! The sugar is everywere!!

Jonathan Doman



What is ocd

Dynamax Wailord.

Burnt Nugget

At 6:44 Niomi looks like and reminds me of Ella Mai


You are a god


Shubham Jain

Let's be real this is a really shitty trailer Disney.

Erika Walters Marr

Tim’s the panda

Em B.

Awesome video, man! Always lovin' whatcha put out.

Muhammed Khais

My best friend is Muhammed

CHM vlogs Godbold


if if there is then tell NerdyBirdy345

Liz Meehan


Gamer Wyvern.

thats dark not lying!


Kappa Koopa

Holy crap this video is slow


Briannah Arseneau

I had a favourite teacher and her name was Mrs. Carter

R 13ristowe


Broken// Biki

Do basketball slip n slide challange

vivek soni

Brother i want it in india plz reply

Jimmy's got style


Going to take a stab at the easter eggs.

Jeff Wyss

Ty is wearing Michigan Hat that's my favorite team


after rewatching it that shot after the bell isn't that bad still illegal but he had already started it and was made out to be later in peoples minds by the slow mo which didn't seem to have the bell synced. Regardless of that punch the eye was damaged so using it as a rematch cause is weak still stronger than pettis's claim though as cowboy didn't quit.

Zanzaroni GR

you have like 10 easter egg vids why didn't u make them all in one vid separated on categories?

Sorrow Sky

What Do You Use For Recording?

CHATTERBOX full on masti

Nic Garrett sir........😍

Arcade Fuze_Reaper Qc

ima like

Flora Sapelihammastiikeri

im 60% psychopath according to a buzzfeed quiz


very handsome!

The fence's fault

Jem Jewels


Crystal Abiera

Honestly though, I think everyone gets anxious from time to time but that doesn't mean you should let that hold you down. I mean, think about everything you could've done if you didn't let anxiety get the best of you. Instead of wasting you're time because of thinking all those negative things that didn't help you at all, why not think positive and move on with you're life and spreading love and happiness to everyone? Remember that "Ann-xiety" is just a figure of you're imagination, something you're brain made up because of over thinking too much (Well, at least I think it is). Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone face problems every single day that you're alive and breathing. I mean, that's life for you, always having ups and downs. Don't worry or over think too much. We are all going through life TOGETHER. I may not know you, but always and I mean ALWAYS remember that someone loves you for you. 💜 But not possess'd it, and, though I am sold,


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