Connecting with the Present with Linda Hall

This uplifting guided meditation for relaxation, stress release and spiritual awareness, includes mindfulness practice, breathing techniques and positive thinking to manage stress and anxiety, increase self-worth, nurture self-compassion, promote well-being and boost positive thinking.Its feel-good, energizing powers will lift your mood and help you feel connected to the spaciousness of the present moment.Suitable for all levels: meditation for beginners and advanced. If you've enjoyed this meditation, check-out my course 'Protect Your Body From Daily Stress' on Insight Timer App: meditation for personal development has been proven to help depression, stress and anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Begin your journey through meditation with Linda Hall, subscribe now to get the latest video in your inbox.Please like, share and comment and if have questions, feel free to reach out in the section below.Music: 'Wave 1' by Paul ‘Sequence’ Ferguson. Licensed by Shock-wavesound.comThis audio is from the album 'Meditations For Life 1' , available to buy: am Linda Hall, and welcome to my YouTube videos. I hope these guided meditations nourish and support you. They come from the heart. The inspiration for my meditations is drawn from my own personal experience as much as from all the people I've had the privilege to teach over the years. Subscribe to my channel here: my website: by Linda Hall available here: App:InsightTimer App: Follow me on Social Media:Instagram: Linda Hall: to & StyleLicenceStandard YouTube Licence

2016 election: I don't think so 😆


you took your daughter to your STEPFATHER’S HOUSE ?

People reading this don't have beautiful hair.


lol at the ending! HAHA

maya jamal

I have no idea what happen in these videos honestly

yibr yass

7:29 to 7:33 every fortnite player



Justin C

I want a golden hamburger

Frarkplayzhehe YT

You know... there is a thing called facetime...

Mary Lesch



Hey I am from the future.. 10 years... Wooooh nice progress team love you

Sasha D.

WoW i am so happy for you and the girl im really happy that you felt the need to help.



Power Zapper_YT

The shot should be named as bow basket

Alexander Renteria

There is a lot more easter eggs like fear the rustman

Anam Khalil

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1:47 save some fultons for us man

gabaskar 122

Whats a superbowl?

Star Bucks

Is it just me or that place at 1:29 looks like the one from Brave?

Killer Bean

no shoutout to the game machines on theme park in rainbow 6 siege?

Lucas Boicu

got the hunger games before gary

Eduardo Navarrete Lima

You are one of the best editors I ever seen in YouTube, I really like your videos, keep going the way you are and thank you for all the time you put is this


3:21 Is that Manuel Neuer?

Evan Flores

I know it's not you're style to do anime ones, but I thought this was great. Amazing job!

Michelle Santos

0:03 What pretty BIG


Good job making the how many times did you make it in?

Dechen Wangmo


Travis Lacassin

Y'all are awesome and beast and savge


I like typing cause he still loves his haters

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DJ Dynamic

They get it right all the time how!

Panda BeatZ

FunWithGuru even puts easter eggs in his own videos. watch 5:01

Gabriel Urdaneta

Damn garret did trash

Kabloko Manolo

Holly shit that Dickbutt one caught me by surprise.

Wanna be doggo

This is really sad 😭

Santosh Banga

How do they do that they hit their head with glass

Storm FL

Panda on that jetski tho

Almoody Great

Team ty all the way

MilkyB Man

Soccer next please or tennis


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