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Compassionate Body Scan - 20 Minute Guided Meditation

Kayleigh Pleas, MAPP, Wellness & Positive Psychology Coach who leads the mindfulness meditation group at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center, narrates this 20 minute-long guided meditation video entitled “Compassionate Body Scan.” Meditation can help reduce stress, activate the body’s “relaxation response,” and alleviate anxiety, depression and pain. Learn more at


The last one supried me... XD

Dumbass Squad

I suffer from DID and when this girl started to talk about her experience I started SHAKING because I didn’t thought you guys had a video about DID, it made me a little exited to see something about it in the media besides movies


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Saint Humble

This was the very inspirational Coby

Maria Avalos

Panda is proffeser


Can Ethan speak? Lol! 😂

sol Sal

The guy in red looks so hot I'd totally do him


This is almost exactly like Mario Kart.



*Potato Wolf*

Uhhhhhhh I’m sooooo not crying

Gods Warrior

Does the golden rotofury even work?

HYPER Gaming

you cant called a game is a game if the game dont have easter eggs/bugs/hack/etc

Owen Pisinski

17 bounces. That was hard

Julian Cao

Badminton trick shot

Shane Cortez

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Guru cmon man, keep goin youre not boring also try to make videos more often im expecting to see them more but you dont really upload them

"Hey Everyone,

Adam Hellewell


Aaron Kinder

Really was not a good song , had good moments but over all audition quality , would like to see him step up his game in the finals . Not a golden buzzer moment at all -like not even close but good entertainer bring your game to finals there will be serious talent there . #kodilee


i saw anime and anthony and i clicked immediately

Maddox Moleski


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