Childrens Space Adventure - A Bedtime Story for Sweet Dreams with Jason Stephenson

♫ Get MP3 of this Track: see all of our other quality meditations and kids stories please go to : SLEEPEZY TONIGHT All rights reserved2016. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.A short 10 minute guided visualization for children (Off in a rocket ship into space)before bedtime. Great for imagination and relaxation just before sleeping.Spoken By Jason StephensonCopyright 2016.Stories for Kids by Jason Stephenson, Children Meditation, Calming Story for Bedtime.

Chicken Butt

Why does this remind me of hatchet

Thiccest Chungus

I don’t blame him. I do the same thing but I’m Asian so I aced every class

Lynn Sassone

Their throats must hurt from the screaming they do after their trick shots

Cilan Steele

We are the blob.

Kacchan’s Titties

At one point I was starting to become anorexic but after I lost a lot and was underweight I realized what I was doing to my health talked to some friends before it got worse and slowly but surely got better. I recently found out one of my friends was anorexic she always wore jackets, I never saw her take one bite of her food, and she would always take forever in the bathroom after lunch. Instead of telling everyone I asked her to go to the bathroom with me and told her about it she cried and I told her as long as she can let me help her I won’t tell anyone. It’s now been about two months and I sit with her at lunch and have her eat with me at first it was hard for her but she is recovering and it’s a little easier for her to eat. She is one of my best friends:)


It will last, there's loads of side missions/collectibles and multiplayer.


@littlepowerbit I don't think it's Fake but there are many takes for sure.



Eitan Fisher

Film with that’s amazing

Bennet Wilson

I swear being a psychopath is not so cool.



Susan Roltgen

Colonial Sanders from KFC

Rl Santos


The Refin

What's The Game After Call Of Duty MW3 , Before Game Psycho Haunt ?


Guess what? The Canon-MAC football team for the high school are the Big-Macs

xjellybeans x

Why does this voice sound like Promise Tang


R.I.P donut. ;-;

RX Nexto




check urself before u shrek urself... 5:01

Ameer Qan

This is the best Spiderman game ever because it besides from the new game engine and graphics they added Easter eggs and so much more.This is what truly gamers wants

football fever

The ultimate Soccer trick shot

Sister Alexa



BF3 had too little easter eggs and they all were related to Miror's Edge? Don't worry, we'll make a DLC that contains all that stuff. Nostalgic players, be prepared to remeber your old Battlefield roots!

God's Dad

How do you dothelost expedition

Kel Price

The bow and arrow ball shot

Kanye East




It’s history cody

Bathroom Boys

Amy Jeske


2.showing them t-series have more subs than pewdiepie


anyone have the fear that you'll go in for one thing and come out much worse? ~Kierra C.T. Banks

Micah Sullivan

Your so cool

joshua mavoa

Nice, some of those looked hard to find, just wondering where the second Kane (or Lynch, whichever one isn't the psycho) appearance was in the Bar level, there's a cutscene of him starting a fight if you go into the restroom and cut the power.


if u put on really good earphones and you listen to this at 1:32 it will seem like someone is behind u


Pretty cool. Ad for Farcry 4 before this clip played.


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