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slaven chennel

Го взаимную подписку.

Michael Zantua

me in 2017 sep 10


Why does her voice always change?

lily driver

I have got this, and there were things in this video that I hadn’t realised were because of the BPD. Thank you x

Soviet Gopnik Anims


gary jacques

Beautifully done

jackie shakira

People come and go, and you have to keep is not over gril, you see the same way you falling in love it is the same way you have to let go.AND YOU HAVE THE witer TO CRY🤗😭😍😍

the girl with the speaking disorder pissed me off

Justin Kosh

1:15 it also says missing dog: Bolt, from the movie Bolt of course

As you mentioned happiness doesn't come easy so we need to try to gain happiness. Then you naturally go through unhappy times to gain try to gain happiness. So you can actually rephrase the 'unhappy work days' as the 'trying hard for happiness days'. Then is this time of life wasting time?

el negro

wow, sean bean must be hated for all of his deaths

TTV ScS Cosmic

It's Christmas!

the beat that nf chose for this song hella relates to US' theme song which is about tethers......

Josh Paul

Good 2017 to you FunwithGuru I know you put a lot of time and effort into these videos and I respect that


U earned a sub cuz of the ending.

Jaydon Dickinson

Richie sambora

Nkk Nylr



I noticed what you did on video length.

B Kovac

Can I ask how he has 94 unused skill-points?


Yo your at war fam with T series 2

I think my daughter has BPD, it makes me feel so sad, cause I love her so much.


How did you get your name just wondering

Unicorn Heart

Wait did you hear 👂🏻 her say there’s nothing wrong with doing it

Bulgarian Mapper

Why is there a furry


When you were gonna say that he looks like Hiro from Big Hero 6 but see that everyone already said that

thanks alot.

Hanzalah Waheed

Loved it 3000!😀

Durgesh Shah

I love you dp,I love Tyler go go goooooooo


I lost my crush on black widow now

Georgia Ketels

Kudos to the creator of this video. You did it beautifully.

props to you man

Robert Smith


A vida que Nunca vivi

Hi mrs beast, how I can make more subscribers to my channel? I just have 57 people help meeeeee

BartjeYeYo Gaming

Very impressive game but weak easter eggs

*Anthony Rodriguez!!*

What a. MOM

jorge orellana



I spotted a few of those


plot twist

Jake Porterfield


Logan Watson

I would either leave the reviews alone or sound off like you got a pair. That was horrible and the title was misleading. There were only two easter eggs and the rest was you mumbling about a game it sounds like you know almost nothing about. Just my honest opinion


Mr. Blake

My friend and me are rage monsters


nicolas barone

Nice job with the wings and all ur hard work u came from low to high keep it up 😀

MAtt Thomas

how is this game like gameplay and control wise is it any good because it looks like alot of fun


Gta 5 and Max Payne 3 is best in my opinion

Steven Song



Do underwater trick shots!!! Any kind of trick shot as long as it's under water!!

John_ Taco_

3:20 you can hear ¨Help me¨. Marina Joyce is clearly kidnapped!!!1!11! OPEN YOUR EYES BOYS.

Dustin Delaney

empire state building should be next


Hay dude there's people starving in Ethiopia ! Great video thanks for sharing.

She is me

So ummmmmmmm hi


Ditto is what comes out when MewTwo sneezes.

Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal

Nice :D

Rahul S

i cannot sleep


Chemo that will save your life😒


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