Calming Exercises for Kids: Breathing and Stretching

The aim of this video is to help little people manage the big emotions they experience. It includes some simple breathing exercises and stretches to help kids release tension and calm down when they are feeling stressed, frustrated or anxious.I suggest that you practice the exercises in this video with your child when they are feeling calm, engaged and ready to learn. When they are familiar with the video you can remind them of their breathing exercises/stretches at times they are experiencing stress and help them learn to calm themselves down.When our little monkey has his mouth closed, he is breathing in. When his mouth is open, he is breathing out. During stretches, encourage your child to breath deeply and slowly.Meditation Impromptu 01 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (hope you find this useful and if you do, be sure to like, share and subscribe!


Next flip is" Car hehehe

Joel Smith






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jattana 10

Nice video

Zuhair mahmud

Panda dances the best

Arc Ray

why is Coach in a game that isnt L4D2?

Γιωτα Λεκκα

I actually dont now if i am depressed....i started feeling like that a month ago....i had 4 times panic attack i my school and i cry a lot....for eveything that happens to my life i depressed?

Alex Vandagrifft

I almost cried because losting a parent is losting everything of yours.Life is harsh and not fair life is short and not l8ng so enjoy every second of your lifes and your family lives together

Philip Otto

Awesome ;)


lol, the last Easter egg is the funniest one...

Zaid Baharani

her: when i was 4 I invited her to my birthday but she did not come year after year she will never come but when I was 5 she came. whaaaaaat

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