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no, there's no DLC for it in SR4. It WAS a DLC in SR3 though. Just climb that particular tower and it should be there.

Queen&Tea •gacha•

I literally have all those things but a period is not hard and I’m only 11 but I started mine at 10

Ella Christine

God bless this woman

Alondra Cash

bro this made me laugh so much my mom told me to shut up lmaoooo

Karminer _003

Finally we don't need GTAV mods haha


The green bar is not health... I think it was confirmed by rockstar that the health was regen.

Ethan Holmes

Never reveal panda though I did like the video.


Do Zuck Master


visit south carolina

Nicholas Helms

lol wi th the easter egg that said hi

Godly Like

Seen how you did the other man, Please take it easy on me...

Mark Bentley

haw..........i mene.........WOW!


Kayla Arens

Do this again, but bring in a female lacrosse player!! The games are entirely different!!


When will we get another "Games With Consequences" video?

LP13 CurryFace

This whole game is an easter egg because I can't get passed the laptop.

Jordan Milton

When you do the mission where the helicopter crashes and you have to take Nikolai to the bunker theres an id card next to where he stands on some stacked boxes and it reads #007. So is that a Special Agent Reference


Team TY

Dudeymondz Gamer assistance

Wait hannah is there and anwar oh there pretending to be robot lol

Never Lands

Wow... I love harry potter!! I did not know u write it... Wow this is crazy!!✌✌


One of my favorite movies

I'm your dad 3000

I cant wait till this year's world cup it's going to be epic



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