Cafe De Anatolia - Most Beautiful Songs 3 (Mix by Billy Esteban)

You can enjoy similar music on our main YouTube Channel: Cafe De Anatolia (link: free to subscribe.There are also two compilations in the nature of this mix.Stream/Download:“Ethno”Spotify: 2”Spotify: PLAYLIST:1. Kyriakos Papadopoulos - An eisai ena asteri (Instrumental)2. Mohamed Rouane - Souvenir 3. Mohamed Rouane - Nuits Blanche4. Paco de Lucia - Mediterranean Sundance (Chillout)5. Paco de Lucia - Entre dos aguas (version chill out de RAUL ORELLA6. Ahmet Koç - Tamally Maak7. Amr Ismail - Dreams8. Sen Gelmez Oldun - Billy Esteban cover9. Yedi Karanfil 3 - Eklemedir Koca Konak10. Gypsy Kings - Inspiration 11. Omar Akram - Seven Secrets12. Mediterraneo - Billy Esteban13. Arabian Eyes - Billy Esteban14. Jose Alberto El Canario - Mi gran amor te dí (con letra)The Copyrights for the Cover Photo, Video & the Music belong to the Artists involved in this Project. If you have any problem with the photo, video or music, please contact us on our email before striking: & and we will find a common solution. Credit for the Photo: @unknown (if you know, please share the info with us).


lol some of these are so fake, like the floating image

Jamal Shariq

casting with magnesium? like if u agree

Hit that Tan

What the?????

Hayden Hudnall

<3 Your channel has very nice Who gave me jeans ? My dad


yeah and you get an achievement for opening the chest on the building by the road.

Milk Kookies

I don't know what's more fake. My will to live or these story titles

Danielle Barnett

PLEASE tell me you release them when you are done


why you have to buy it? :(((

eios 4

B R U H. I Skip Breakfast 99% of the time because i have no Time and yet nothing like this has ever happened to me.

Benjamin Criswell

all were

Yeeterson Petason

Ahhh i can relate. I had a well bf who used me for money and he cheated on me every other week! He always acted like i was invisible and he acted like he didn't give 2 sh*ts, and he'd always come back just for money. Because of this, I developed anxiety as well as severe depression. I got a new better bf, we're always happy and that love dovey couple, perfect. We get into the occasion fights, and I'm the victim, cuz he's either mad at me or something... But as soon as it's over, i feel way happier and our relationship gets better. However, this makes me scared.... I don't wanna screw up and ruin our relationship, I get really shy and different around him and with my friends show my true side. I can't bear to show him cuz I'm scared he might judge or break up with me, despite our happy times. It always happens, that he either will get mad and return, or he'll be the bf in the world and care and listen to my anxiety. I'm confused, and still love him. What should i do...? (plz comment or respond :)

Asad Baloch

Was he daniel cutting

Moises Munguia

I felt the same way when I Suffered PTSD when my Mother Use Physical harm for Discipline, so I had Sympathy with the Girl that had PTSD by a Mother useing Physical harm.


why did I cry


Wtf was that Ela picking the guy up?




Hit or miss amiright Annybutty☹️

Vyshnav Venkatesh

I want them to add more mega evolutions in this game but it doesn’t look like they’re going that route

Hadi Banday

Pls tell who is 🐼 panda

XXxhazelplaysx Xx

I'm only scared of death becuz I could think of a ORA INTENSIFIES

I pray for you all. God loves you and can free you.

Coolio Beanstalks

But it’s all worth it. 💞💓💗

Greg Paul

Girl: Alani or lalani


Man doesnt make nothing but great songs thanks for ur music shit is a escape.

Meow! Katz

Kim Jong Un: I explode USA :Trump Nuke All the Koreans and chinese

That killed me 😂

Evan Singer

@deathdestructiondoom they probably had more than one ball and once all balls were thrown someone would bring them up to the top



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