सच्ची शिव आरती - BK Song - BK Anil & Neetu Chandra.

Happy Shiv Ji's Somwar To All Shiv Bhakt & Children...शिवबाबा के सोमवार की सब शिव भक्तों और बच्चों को खूब खूब बधाई।सच्ची शिव आरती आपकी सेवा में प्रस्तुत करने की खुशी है। 5000 वर्ष के कल्प के अंतमें, कलयुगके अंतमें संगमयुग में जब परमपिता परमआत्मा परमशिक्षक परमसतगुरु परमज्योति शिवबाबा अवतरण करके ब्रह्मामुख द्वारा राजयोग सिखाते हैं तब हमारी अग्यान की नींद खुलती है और खुदकी पेहचान खुदसे होती है। तब हम सब सच्ची शिवजी की आरती गाते हैं।True SHIV Aarti/Prayer of Whole Kalp is presented Here As Supreme Soul cum Father cum Teacher cum SatGuru ParamPita ParamAtma SHIV Descends To Awaken Us ALL to teach Rajyog thro BrahMaa at Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu, India.On Request by BK Dr.Sulekha from USA, Glad to share this True SHIV Aarti 0f Kalp , very divinely sung by BK Anil & Neetu Bhalla for BK Meditation.Separate video, with Hinglish & English translation cum interpretation in SubTitles, is also uploaded today.Please view in Full Screen.Om Shanti.Link:

Daniel Daoud


Aaya Mustafa

I love you Juanpa, keep pursuing your dreams😍

yong qi huang

I never watch this before I watch it now lol😁

doge de doog

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Landri Nakano

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MajorBell -

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Just Me

You are a great friend for doing this

Joy the potato

These kittens are paid actors

Gavin Freeman

You guys are so amazing. I wish some day I can meet you. You guys are my idol

Christina Kaoud-Berry

YouTube stereotypes

Josh The chef

I want to die

Sprinkle Gaming and Sisters

Same with me all same still suffering cuz one day I said in a joke that somones gonna die today while playing a game and then the next thing its real

TacoFishy Nutty

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Vincent Ariss

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Aaliyan Asif

Thats a lot of Trust

Delphox The Red Fox

What I don’t get who is who

merel michiels

wow im proud of you off telling it live ur life :(

francis montplaisir

Kid guru its good to ear you i have a question for you q&a ep1: can you plug a web cam and show us your self

Everything Gamer EG

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Rare Gaming

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noelle walker

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It'sQ!Bella OfficialTM

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Blessing Kamara

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Tucker Pennell



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Cryptic Backwoods

Cory in the House isn't an anime

Vukašin Milanović

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LexicoolBoi !

I wished I was too skinny compared to the way I am now tbh

MrLiL Biscuit

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Oh You Guys Added Weird Colors Into The Thumbnail. Cool.

Angello! R.

Heaven or hell? Chooses money life with abusive husband.


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Federgled M.

best compilation of shooting toilets I've ever seen

Rxoses channel

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How did you met with her ?

I can tell by just looking at the thumbnail that the girl is actually a little devil.

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NyAn Trickzz

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