🎧 BIRDS SINGING IN THE FOREST - Relaxing Sounds of Songbirds and Water to help Sleep & Study

Fill your sense with the beautiful sounds of birds singing in the forest by a gentle wilderness stream.The cheerful musical sounds of playful songbirds will both make you smile and soothe your soul. . .*******************************************************************This NatureScape album is designed to be played in the background while studying, meditating, to help with tinnitus, or as a soothing soundscape to play while you sleep. Our nature albums can be used for many relaxation therapies to help calm, relax and refresh your mind and body.If you enjoy this album and would like a copy for your own MP3 collection, you can now purchase this 70 minute MP3 for immediate download by clicking the link below...🎧 Buy MP3: now offer this title on CD at our eBay store: 🎧 Buy CD: our CD's and MP3's help make it possible for us to continue recording, producing and offering these full length videos for free on YouTube.Your support is greatly appreciated... Thank You!!! To view and listen to all the different Nature & SoundScape albums we have to offer, please visit us at:►Shop SBK: you enjoy our sounds and want to be notified when new ones arrive, be sure to Subscribe!****************************************­**************************I've been recording high quality nature sounds for over 30 years for my own personal use. When I first started, nature recordings didn't exist and when these type of recordings finally hit the market, they were so overly compressed & attenuated it didn't even remotely sound natural!All of my recordings are captured in nature as it happens. None of my recordings have been "Computer Generated" or are short segments looped together. I have traveled to some of the most remote areas of the world to capture my nature sounds, only to find jets flying overhead or a train off in the distance blowing a horn. It is virtually impossible to capture a clean recording without the "Hand of Man" being heard. To remove these sounds would take some serious computer manipulation and destroy the integrally of the recording! Being a purest... what you hear is what you get... just like the real world.****************************************­*************************If you enjoy these sounds and want to help be a part of preserving "Earth's Natural SoundScape"... then please click on the link below and donate. Your generous contribution helps make it possible for me to continue capturing these sounds that are quickly disappearing from our Natural SoundScape!►hope you enjoy this beautiful recording as much as I have in making it for you!!!Brian KnightAll material in this video is original and personally recorded, edited and published by Brian Knight - BPK Inc.Copyright © soundsbyknight.com.All Rights Reserved.****************************************­**************************Follow Us!►Google + - - - by Knight -

veronica vargas

I like Tyler garret and Cory and the rest of dp

Thedarkness oftheweb

Is the court ok?

Michael Baker

Can you do a long video with all the south park: the stick of truth references and easter eggs

Emanuelly Silva

When I was going on YouTube I actadently taped Insta gram


4:33 i come from the future and nowadays this is called double pumping(illegal)

Aashutosh Narayan

how can anybody dislike this?


that was so lucky

Jhon Cp



Stop it, get some help.

דניאל מיטלר

Bro your opinion is against other people's human rights, dare i say? Fuck your opinion?

Kassandra Henrriquez

You should do a video based on your opinion of anime

GD SliwkaHAX Official

My GF made me depressed... (she is so damn annyoing)

Noel Dozier

Good luck may god bless u



i have a theory about number 7 what if skyrim is the future of star wars?

Sade Asia


craf 201006

"You were nearly struck by lightning" clickbaited😂

susana Claridad

Drew brees love dude perfect

lucero gomez



Fucking. Amazing. Voice.

Barna Barati

do a face reveal at 40 Million on pandas face Pls :D

Caz D

Okay I'm not saying he shouldn't get punished a bit but 500k fine? Lol that push was weak.

Adedayo Adeyeye

Rudy deserves accolades


How did Cory forget his bag in the airport

I wAs PrEgNaNt At ThE AgE Of 3


#YIAYJob Vice Principal: faceplam

[Cloutmaster] Phluphyy

Thats sad, remember the homophobe video?


he played well in game 1 and 3. Am i watching a different game with skip

Carrie Carpenter

team shatter

Michael Barfield



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