Bird songs [10 hours]

Soothing bird songs. Don't forget to leave a comment or rating.Recordings by Klankschap.If you liked this, be sure to try out these videos:12 hours of ocean sounds:hours of underwater music:hours of wind chimes:

Gage Harris

Do a video with Tottenham Hotspurs( Harry Kane)

SSG Deadpool


Just wanted to point that out y’all don’t get triggered 🤣

Alex Geraneo

when u do a double backflip r u also going to land on ur head like the ladder?

Abdul Hafeez

I watch your all vidoes


I would’ve been angry at her. I would’ve slammed the door in her face.

Diego Alejandro Cordova Landero

Like 2019

bizzy Izzy Bee

Wait no happy ending?

Serein icides

i hope my mama see this. ☹️


finally an new video has appeared thank's guru

thefuckyousay tomeyoulittleshit

7:05 :)


Hockey trick shots with Patrick Kane plz I’m a huge fan

- Never brings supplies

Error renegade

I’m mr no touch

Halle, you further prove that lady guests are FAR superior to the gents!!

Pineapple Overlorde

how many outfits did they use

Luis Fuentes

asmr is so annoying and pathetic, it give anxiety..

2° You imprube even more hiding them because darn, I can´t find nothing.

PhAnToM_Warrior 28

This makes my jaws hurt

Dhruv mehta

Someone watching in 2019

Jackson Thomas

My favorite shot was the twin shot because I have a twin myself

Lauris M

Isn't this just rehab?

Clay Bradley

Lady how many butterflys did u eat

Wyatt Ryder

Yea. Yea it is.


OMG she says "I passed out." and all of a sudden there's a McDonalds ad. OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD!!

Jerson Ayala

make another ASMR video pls as soon as possible and love the channel


aw yiss

Mattydp456 The retard

Toyota wasn't blurred out

Ryan Speer

Can't wait to see this!!!! So Elsa will know more about her powers and what if her sister Anna has powers to? So new songs, same characters, new ones and can't wait to the fall.

Can that be a thing?

Remi Lalaque

The dream part is teally true

Galael Galavir


Demon Soulz



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