Best Way To Control Your Anger with Guided Meditation (in hindi)

Lexicon Prime

People act like the Raptors dont have to guard KD and that he wont help GSW defense as well. If he has any althletism right now, its going to be tough for some one to run down the lane with a 7'6 wingspan KD there. Besides, the NBA will make this go 7 games.

Dark Man

Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6

Your dad probably paid 1k times as more than the ball

Aditya Vadageri





Mafer Pino

the drawings were awesome, but i didnt felt entertained by this ☹️ just my opinion

Simcity Jayplay

God hates you for "some" reason

gurlal singh

I like DP bcoz DP is a family channel love from India

1000 subscribers For absolutely nothing!

So proud of you. I been listening for over a year to you. I come across a add on Instagram of your song Gemini and I was immediately attached. Such a good flow and content and picturing images flashes through my head when I listen to you. Keep it up

Melisande Vasquez

The 1:42-1:43 is funny

Matt Ong

do the phantom pain

Taylor Goodspeed

Are theyChristians?

Mambo Chapanduka

OMG , he is such a cheater

AlCubing 7

0:42 Could’ve gone a lot a lot

Dwight the beet King

Wrong channel I know but

Dave Almazan

I like the shot that Ty trow the eggto coby

The ok guy

@gooohiz 1.9 was supposed to be included in 1.8, but because they were running late already they released 1.8. this is why there are no npcs in villages

Mary o'malley

U should get John krasinski and orJermy Jordan

NuttyRage Gaming

Need to use stronger peroxide like the one used to bleach hair (for the first experiment)

Hipster Pizza333

the voice sounds like danielle cohn

ChefBoi XD

6:16 welp looks like Half-Life3 is NOT confirmed

Hanan Arnold

Play another game

And I'v built a relationship with someone and I always want to be around him, sometimes he worries that he did something wrong and asked me over and over again, and other times he's confident that we're fine and that's what I dont like because he feels he can go and be him for a while and I'm stuck freaking out thinking he's mad at me and it's a never ending cycle but we love each other and always make it through.


Having OCD ,and GAD is hell.

kyle the fox

R.I.P panda

Kermit Has The Infinity Gauntlet

It hurt me when Tyler broke the metal detector and drove the golf car in the ocean.


the small size of the dogs replaces them with their number.


This trailer was already released

Black and white: well I have better camera angles and a better story.

Nayguy 9

Sick bruh😎

Michael Wong

And from a different place


%1.4 Trick Shots %98.6 Yeah! Let's Go


teddy in o = origins vodka bottle+teddy=nikoali

Scotty miller

That couch turned into a fricken clown car lol

Master Chief

Play in Xbox one 😍

I loved it..

LoGic. Dude

From now on..


yea except a volcano didnt kill these people....the government was like screw it we cant let the enemy have our stuff....LETS NUKE OUR OWN STUFF!!!

Vlagne Francis Villena Delmendo


roan Gerraty

For the first time in forever coby won the game

One The Gaming Gamer

Ty most lirn by the ninja turtle

Sarah Huerta

Jen is my little Ponyo and I'm Soske

Cinpu Shoute

I Feel Bad For Coby


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