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Sister Dang Nhiem is a nun at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, CA. She practices Zen Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.Sister D shows us the proper way to invite the sound of the bell. She also teaches us how to cultivate that peacefulness when we hear noises that might otherwise cause stress.

Edit 2: I was always known in my school as "*insert brother's name*'s younger sister" 😁


You should do Conner McDavid

CHRIS: No Guidance...... just another song


you forgot a couple, the scarcrow mask on the bridge, the mad hatter level, and if you go to nora after you tell freeze where she is, you can see freeze and her together with some cool dialogue

Netinho Dzn

Alguém BR

green apple slices

My crush called me skinny


Guru your da best at finding Easter eggs

P R Parker


Krista Metrinko

Do school stereotypes

Jennifer Rosenthal

Dr seems annoyed

Tru Rudboi

The Max Payne egg is just awsome.  And also one of my most favorite games of all time.  Even the multi rocks.  Just a bad ass game.

Tyler Allen

St Louis Cardinals all the way

Brayden Billingsley

When is the next overtime video and you guys are so awesome and put Tyler’s name in for wheel unfortunate

Ralph Mayers

Roger Moore is the best James Bond ever!

Don't shave your head while sleeping! It's as simple as that.


Edi ikaw na




oof this made me sad T-T


Barbara Russo

Elllo I just wanted to say that the gym that y'all used is by my school :p we went their for PE once 👍(I don't know why I'm saying this)

i'm dring


Owen Isaacs

First shot your zipper is down


Oh god Vietnam

SydTom 2021

There should be a Editor Edition 2!


laksmi kusuma

Where? Tall guy, twins, purple hoser?

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