Bella Musica Instrumental China-Musica Relajante Zen-Antidepresivo-Sonido de Agua y Pajaros

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds-Beautiful Chinese Instrumental Zen Music-Chinese Zen Healing Music-Soothing Waterfall Sounds-Birds Chirping Bella Musica Instrumental China-Musica Relajante Zen-Relajante-Antidepresivo-Sonido de Agua y Pajaros


2:57 bitcoin is not an actual coin

It’s Kvzpto

Remember when we thought part two was a musical

Beth Covalt

Tyler is winning

End life Everyone goes Me: what type of chicken should we serve today guys?

Sean Snyder

team booty

Kathy Forshee


Choque De Cultura

Dj Khaled is a pussy! just hypeman and fake ass just like most rappers of today

izzgaming zack


Mudit Agrawal

Either a car or your mind


like si hablas español

Roland Marinas

I watch your videos for the music. You pick some really dope music!


For all you "football" people out there: Soccer is a British word. It was originally "association football" meant to separate it from "rugby football." Association got shortened to "assoc" which turned into soccer. So what you call football is really association football.


I have health and social anxiety but health is much worse

Ama Coc


Logan Polarek


Rapid Pillows


now i know how successful she is

Cynthia MM

Germany.Sad i supported Argentina

Jomairy Ochoa

I love the artwork

one piece fan



James Charles 2.0

Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Yee

omg the rat is back

Nathan Crown

I loved that episode of the twilight zone.

Daniel S

Actually, I think that ED2 curled up bridge with the truck on the other side is not a referenced to the scene where Ash finds the bridge out, but I think it's referencing the scene where Anne and Ed pull up behind Jake's old truck while he's putting up a road barrier to let people know the bridge is out. Of course, I could be wrong.

Ishan Mukherjee

Does the last thing sound like drum gun

Diana Espino

Honestly I think puma is better but addidas is a really good company too.


rip off

Your Gay Father

Then why'd you say that? IT wasn't even that funny.

Daniel Hernandez

I think I know why your the only person I know who has a bunch of leftovers all the time, cause you never use measurements

The Cringelord, Euan.

it's clearly kim jong un

I'm Batman


Lizzy Valencia

i want 5:00 to be animated so bad

Gene Hawthorne


Angel Hernandez

I don’t know how mr. beast still isn’t the most subbed YouTuber

Seppe Jacobs

Ronaldo pls like if you want Ronaldo to


Dat death by rabbit

sHIT isNt aDDinG uP nICky

There won't be a video next week but I will hopefully have my next video done by the following week, It'll be another Top 20 video on a popular game series.

all fahrezi

Wawww amezing


whats the song?

Raven Ngo

2019 anyone???

You can't turn AI into a human.

Kids Nation 123

I loved the bloopers 😂😂

Margaux Einhorn

this some HARD shit

Seth Finney

no guru just dont pay attention to the haters


4:33 i come from the future and nowadays this is called double pumping(illegal)


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