Beginners Guided Meditation Before Sleep Release Anxiety and Stress As You Sleep

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Nabee H

why beep the word BEEP aw shit why

Hunter Ludovicy

And you guys do this for a living... in a matter of a few years you went from a backyard trick shot group to this. Congrats, guys. :)

Νίκος Βασιλειάδης


You can’t JUST not accept/support them because- not accepting/supporting LGBT people is the definition of a homophobe. You don’t have to be LGBT to support them, but if you don’t support them you’re a homophobe. There’s no in between.

Phom chen Sopheaktra

Let us know who is panda

Majken Eriksson

I feel like YouTube is telling me I'm fat, it keeps recomending these kinds of videos to me.


this game is still alive hehe

MartiRapesToday Petrov

But that dancing tho

hahahsh annsbbehslsj

I have my period for only 4 days every time. Im lucky

ẞ1ØŇŁŶ so2

То чувство когда не знаешь что они говорят , но смотреть это хочется



Kanoshe .... literally whats different????

Max lauroma

Anyone 2019?


What's the name of the song that plays in the background?

Danielle Frederick

I like the last one

cj edwards

i swear to god i was going to comment this exact comment... Fcuk.

Thomas Ohrt

Throwback to when the video title was "Office Edition"

Corkey Mitchell

For 200 she could offer them another drink asshole

Axel Lemus

You are to dangerous

Teun Rutten

Happy launch day everyone!

krishna nallani


poop dog

do cn tower next

No way she is 17 I thought you said 11 the first time

Scarlett Quinn

I have been in a mental hospital as well. The whole padded room thing is the biggest lie ever. In most cases, there is a desk, a weighted chair (so you cant pick it up), a bed, a Plexiglas window, and a bathroom (with no door). The only time you can shut your door is when you have to shower. All of your belongings remain locked in the nurse's ward and you have to ask for anything (shampoo, clothes, towels, etc.). Visitation is an hour long every other day. You either have group therapy sessions or individual one on one sessions with a therapist. Sessions aren't mandatory, but going to them earns you privileges. You have to be in bed by a certain time. You eat with the rest of the people in your unit and you aren't allowed to share or trade food. <<

Charles Taylor



2:19 funny how I'm watching this when its at 9.8 million

SpottedTeil Mist

This is my cuisine she’s 👰🏻 and her husband has a different girl friend and she knows it! She is so upset but still with him like what the hell

Kaya Pratt

well my grandpa died today soooo yeah, maybe I am a bit depressed

Lovely Queen

4:07 i just checked her on instagram: @i_am_kaew , she actually exists !! 😱

Stacey Ccarmack

Me too


His voice sounds so perfect and natural without any autotune or enhancements

Stephan Jordan

She is stunning! And she cleaned those wings. I think I’m in love

Norah norah

and then people say church is doing the right thing...THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY and you CANNOT CHANGE IT people are born with it and you just have to let them be what they are. don't tell me not to talk like this because i don't understand how can church say that the virgin has a baby, a snake can talk, a man can walk on water, and a man can come back from dead, but being homosexual isn't normal??!!


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