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- Direct Link - BUY DOWNLOAD Purchase Link Here:Direct Link - BUY CD HERE - Info:© music is being used with permission under license.Music: Title: "Bedtime - Guided meditations for children"- FULL Album -by Michelle Roberton-JonesMichelle has created 10 special bedtime meditations for children aged 5 and upwards. Meditation at bedtime encourages the child to release the day and aid a good nights sleep. To let go of all that no longer matters, with the breath. To listen and concentrate on the words as magnificent pictures start to form in the mind and create thoughts and feelings of happiness, security and love.This video uses the full Bedtime - Guided Meditations for children - full album ( about 1 hour )Bedtime - Guided Meditations for children List:1. Little fluffy clouds2. Dream blanket3. Man in the moon4. Sweet Dreams5. White feathers6. Rainbow drops7. Bear8. Bubble Bath9. Star light10. The dream fairiesVideo: © 2014 Relax Night and DayRelax Night and Day Youtube ChannelCopyright (c) 2014 Relax Night and Day. Corel Corporation und seine Lizenzgeber. Alle Rechte vorbehalten."Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Anwaltskanzlei fürIT Recht Herr Rechtsanwalt Hohenhauused: Audacity(R) Audio-Editor, LameBildquelle / picture: "Girl lying in bed with moon in hands. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA" © by Sergey Nivensat www.shutterstock.comDirect Link:images and/or photos on this page are the copyrighted property of Shutterstock, their Contributors or Licensed Partners and are being used with permission under license. These images and/or photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from Shutterstock.""Einige Bilder und/oder Fotos auf dieser Seite oder in diesem Produkt sind das urheberrechtlich geschuetzte Eigentum von Shutterstock oder autorisierten Lieferanten, die gemaess der Lizenzbedingungen genutzt werden. Diese Bilder und/oder Fotos duerfen nicht ohne Erlaubnis von Shutterstock kopiert oder herunterladen werden."

Klea Bubulea

wait when in this video did the dad abuse her? i may have not been paying attention, but i don't remember that, and the comments are blowing up with things like," the dad is abusing her!" and, "why is no one talking about the abuse" or are you guys talking about a different video? pls can some one answer 'cuz i feel really out of the loop, lol

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